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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bread crumb #1

Hey people.  I know I've used this pic before, but I just love it so much-- it isn't mine, but I TOTALLY would love a pic someday of me riding with my girlfriends (my tribe), having this much fun.

I am getting back into the swing of things after taking a couple days off to recoup from the show (which I have to admit was not great).  "Failure" isn't as fun as success, but often more useful--- IF you learn from it.  Basically this show being kind of a dud was exactly the message I needed to receive-- "Yes dummy-- this formula isn't working so great anymore is it?  Change it up fool!"

It's scary letting *new idea* out of the box, because once I say it out loud it's *in the world*-- a stated goal/mission that people can make judgments about and watch my progress towards success or failure.  It's nearly time though.  Almost.

The idea has had enough time to incubate that it has reformed several times over the last few months.  If I would have said in the beginning what it was, people now seeing how much it has changed would probably think, "Oh brother, what is she going on about THIS week?"  I don't need that kind of negativity, and it kills creative progress.

I've decided to reveal *new idea* like a bit of a burlesque act, showing just a bit at a time, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.  Not to be cagey, but to help show the process of how the idea evolved.

Problem--- My body is wearing out (hands, eyes, lungs) and since I'm a creative pro, I need to find something to do creatively, that's less physically taxing.

BUT-- I love doing metal sculptures, and am good at it, and feel I really could get much better at it if I can keep working at it.  I don't want to stop doing this yet.

Solution-- Find something else I enjoy doing creatively, that can supplement my income, and replace some of the taxing *busy work* of the metal sculpting (gearing up for booth shows where I have to make a bazillion small things that often don't feel much like my *real art* anyway), and allow me to only work on sculpture projects that accomplish my goal of furthering my art-- moving my abilities and talent forward.

This is how the search for new idea began.  How did I know what direction to look?  I didn't at first, but I knew I had to be completely open, and listen and watch for signs.  Sure enough, I began to feel pulled towards computer graphics, just curious.  I began exploring that, talking to people who do it, looking at tons of other people's work to see what is possible to create using these tools.  As is often the case, a series of *coincidences* that seemed unrelated at first, fell into place and started laying a trail for me to follow.

I blindly took it, knowing in the past my intuition has served me well.  That was a little over 6 months ago and was just the beginning of my thinking about this whole thing-- *new idea*.  It felt huge but was a baby step in the evolution.  That is funny because 6 months from now I'll feel like this--- me being sort of afraid to even say it out loud will seem like a super tiny step.

That's it for today.  Man, This wasn't even what I intended to write about today.  I guess the bra on the dog story will have to wait until next time.  ;) 


strugglingwriter said...

Sorry the show didn't go "great". Wish I lived closer because I would've come out.

Good luck with the new idea. New ideas are nice. I haven't had one in a long time.

I look forward to the bra on the dog story ;)

irishk said...

HAHAHA It must be an urban myth...a bra on a dog...never! :-) I have to say even though you already know this, that I really admire your willingness to explore, regroup, explore some more and then do it all over again. The evolution of a new venture is quite interesting, especially from the outside looking in. I applaud your gutsy enthusiasm and I am sooo glad you are not abandoning metal sculpture, because it is so much a part of the clay from which you yourself were created. Can't wait for that dog story ~ hehe:-)

Maery Rose said...

If you do ever take a photo of you and your friends biking in that kind of garb, I get to be the blurry in back. I can't wait to hear the story of the evolution. I find the way you work through things inspiring and gives me hope (even if you do have better intuition and a whole lot more practice).

pseudosu said...

You'll like it. I have some wacky friends. :)

Re-grouping and exploring, that's me. Actually it goes perfect with how my brain works so is kind of fun. :)

If we do ever do a shoot like this I'd want you several bikes away from me to make comparisons more difficult. ;)