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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saved by rock-n-roll or--- Be more like Jack White

Hey people.  Welcome to the second breadcrumb leading to *new idea*.  Watch the video below.  It's only a minute and a half long, and even if you hate rock you'll be amazed.  It's about being innovative, and thinking out of the box.

He is one of my favorite musicians.  The first stuff of his that caught my attention was White Stripes music (his first well-known band) because it was so unhinged it felt reckless and chaotic, but of course it merely skirted the edge of this.  After that, or sort of during the end of The Stripes, he joined another band, as a collaborator called The Raconteurs.  The music was another flavor, but I still loved it.  Then at the apex of that band's success, he formed another band with some members of a band who had opened for him on tour, and we got yet another sound, with his unmistakable hand prints on it.

In the midst of all his collaborating and experimenting, he moved to Memphis and started his own record label, so he could work with even more musicians and promote them and their music.  As a producer his job is to bring out the best in the other artist's work.  What he brings to the table is his creativity and expertise, but it's in service to the other artist's music and is more about them.  He said he really enjoys that, and likes to think he's playing a part in exposing people to great music they may have not had the chance to enjoy-- older music from prior generations he's trying to preserve.

What I love about this guy, besides that fact that he can rock my face off, is his pure creative drive.  He follows his loves and his talent, but recognizes the need to be agile.  He began his musical journey as a kid.  His drum set took up his entire bedroom, so he got rid of his bed and just slept on a bunch of pillows behind the drums.  Undoubtedly, playing was the first thing that *plugged him in*, but as time has gone on he's been very open to changing.

He's learned and mastered other instruments, and is now known more for his amazing guitar work.  When he became interested in creating some different sounds from the guitar, he invented his own electronic tools to use with it since they didn't exist.  He values and appreciates music very different from his own.  He's a huge Loretta Lynn fan, and just produced a Mavis Stalples album, and has been working on rereleasing some Hank Williams (Sr) music for some time now.

The more I thought of him, the more certain I became I could be this creatively agile too.  The lesson is don't limit yourself.  Keep paying attention.  Look ahead to new ways of doing things, but look behind you too, to see what other amazing creatives have to teach you and share.  Most importantly-- follow your heart, and stay interested, and you'll never run out of ideas and things to learn about and master.

I believe the universe rewards this kind of openness by allowing *new ideas* to flourish.  This is what has made me unafraid to keep marching into the unknown, more excited than afraid of the future.


Nezzy said...

Now, ya know how I love music but this was absolutely amazin'!!!

I truly enjoyed the video.

God bless and have a marvelous day! :o)

Maery Rose said...

When I read you talking like this, I so want to quit my day job and do what I love and what I think I 'm good at. Alas, practicality bashes me upside the head. I love what you are doing and it makes me happy and a little weepy too.

pedro said...

i love how the cows are like, "wtf?"

pseudosu said...

Thanks for stopping by. You're always a little ray of sunshine. :)

You are a fellow traveler. Welcome to the tribe.

LOL. I thought the same thing. I loved the movie this clip was from (it might get loud) which I'm sure you also saw. I love when he was banging the shit out of the piano with that little kid too. So cool. :)

pseudosu said...

Whoops- major correction-- Jack produced Wanda Jackson's, not Mavis Staples', last album.