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Friday, April 29, 2011

The sweet life.

Hey people.  Today.  Today is one of those days people who know me think, "You make me SICK!"-- because it's the first gorgeous day in a long time, and since I am the boss, and not on deadline, I don't have to work.  Check it out, this is my view as I write this:

Food for thought:  Having new cars, a fancy house, the latest cell phones (or heck, any cell phone plan at all), cable/dish t.v., and bunches of other toys may actually make some people happy, but probably not any happier than me, who doesn't have any of that, but gets to take today off and go biking & running with friends and sit here in the sunshine thinking about how lucky I am.  Not gloating, just saying.  :)

But, I did work this week.  A sculpture I made several years ago had a very nasty mishap over the winter involving a snow plow.  One leg was entirely crushed, and the other looked pretty bad too.  I had to amputate her left leg.  Then I bent her body back into position, which took some doing because she'd been bent over and twisted.  Once I got her up and into traction with the help of some straps & the beam crossing the ceiling of my shop, I got to work reconstructing her missing leg.   

It wasn't as bad as it first looked.  I was happy her foot was still intact, so I just had to make a new lower leg for her.  I made this, gosh, seven years ago!-- when I turned 40.  I named her full bloom.  It was sort of a, "I may be getting older here, but I'm going to try to still be awesome" moment.

I worked on this pose a long time.  I was still learning weighting and balance.  I was proud of how she could stand on just her two feet, even though a breeze would topple her so she had to be welded to a base eventually.

I wanted her to be very pretty, but also sort of strong looking.  To me she is very feminine.  I'd love to have her body.  I made her dress out of metal flowers and petals mostly.

 I gave her an extra elaborate one at the small of her back.  I felt a little like a dress designer.

 In a way, even though I was really bummed she'd been damaged, it turned out good, because I got to really see her again.  This was some good work.  It makes me anxious to dig into my next big project.

I seem to have a real thing for making beautiful women.  I'm not gay, but I guess there's something about women I really am drawn to aesthetically, from an artist point of view.   When I first saw her I thought of how much better I could make her now-- covering her structure similar to Tina, but seeing the framework is interesting too.  Maybe I can come up with sort of a hybrid technique.

I really like how her head and face came out too.  I like, well, really her shoulders, her whole body I pretty much nailed I guess. 

The only thing I don't like is how transparent she becomes in her outdoor setting.  I had to hang a drop cloth behind her to get any decent shots.  That's the downside of the framework technique.  They "disappear" unless it's covered with something.

 It does make me excited to start another big project though for sure.  :)  Time to go ride my bike.  Later!


irishk said...

She is so beautiful, I keep going back and looking at her over and over. I too, have always been fascinated by the female form and also, as an extension of that, it somehow makes me proud to be a woman. There is such natural symmetry and flow to her lines. You are so talented to be able to create that beauty. I am in awe. I hope she is in good hands and is always well cared for:-) Wow! I'm proud of you!

Lynn Fisher said...

What an amazing art piece this is Sue...you've really outdone yourself. A complete celebration of the human form....and she's purdy ; )

Maery Rose said...

She is gorgeous! I love that her dress is made from flowers and the sassy hair. I can see how getting her back in your hands for awhile could start some additional ideas and creative excitement percolating.

Linda G. said...

As ever, in awe of your sculpture. Full Bloom is stunning. :)

pseudosu said...

Thanks so much. Yes, she has a lovely home in WI, and her owners are very nice and enjoy her immensely. This was just a freak accident.


Thanks. Yes, I like her hair too. At the time mine was about that length (notice a theme here with my women sculptures?) and I sort of gave her *my hair if it actually worked out perfect ever*. lol! I wish!

Thanks so much! :)

Jill said...

She is beautiful! Very graceful.