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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank you, pervy french rooster.

Hey people.  So, there's this rooster in France, who has a perfectly nice life on a family's small farm.  They just keep a few chickens and grow food for their own family and probably swap with neighbors etc, oh-- and there's a pond with some ducks too.  Sounds idyllic doesn't it ?  Well... ~insert seventies porno music~

This rooster, apparently, likes to get him some duck, when he can.  This has resulted in some rather interestingly feathered ducks hatching out at the old pond-- some with very fancy iridescent tails.  Nice French lady figured, "What the heck?" and put them up on Etsy and "Voila!" (as they say).  I now have myself some rather cool, if weirdly attained, feathers to make more cool stuff out of. 

So, be prepared people.  I'm not giving up on the whole feather thing yet.

This has nothing to do with anything other than life in Suelandia-- BUT-- I rode the trail again for the first time yesterday with trusty Pam (a partial lap), and again today with Dan riding the whole dang thing and does it ever feel amazing to be back on Penny.  Wah-freaking-HOO.  The best part?-- I wouldn't say I've magically become awesome over the winter, not practicing for months, but it feels way different this spring. 

When we rode today I wasn't a total all-star.  I'm out of riding shape, and as of last night have decided I'm fat (Sorry, I know that bugs some of you, but when certain pairs of jeans don't want to cooperate and slip right on, I can't help it, I feel like a cow)-- so obviously I'm not in prime condition to be totally killing everything that is even within my skill level, BUT--- the stuff I made I made a lot quicker than before, and on a few things I used lower gears (or higher-- whichever is considered *harder*-- big 2 instead of big 1), and the stuff I didn't make it was just, "Oh well, didn't make it," not, "OMG I'm about to DIE!"

The fear factor was pretty much absent.  Even previously scary descents that are super gnarly with tons of roots or loose rocks, I just kind of rode down at speed, knowing the bike would jump around, but not bothered by that.  It was kind of weird.  I'm going to have to watch it to not get over confident and crash.  Every other year is pretty common I've heard.  It's my goal to improve, have fun, and not crash big.  Prepare to me mine, oh-eleven.

Now another *new idea* breadcrumb for you.

Once there was a girl, who felt most like her real-self when she could be outside, preferably in the woods, preferably running around pretending to be a wild animal, feeling secret and connected to the universe and like a burning fire with sparks of energy shooting out of her like stars.

She really believed this was her natural state, and felt very grateful to have these times when her senses were opened wide, but she was alone in this.  She didn't know anyone else who would really understand this, and sometimes felt like kind of a freak.

She, like most humans probably, had ancestors who lived tribally.  She could no longer claim that heritage, too many generations removed from it, but she sometimes fantasized about only being lost from her tribe, like she'd been scattered by the wind, and that *out there*, somewhere, maybe there were others like her, other lost tribe members who'd become disconnected.

This idea didn't have anything to do with an existing culture, but more with the feeling that there had to be others out there, other women, who were as ~weird~ as her; who became energized by the same kinds of things, and craved the same camaraderie-- Women who sometimes laughed so hard they tapped back into their eleven-year-old selves.

Or who felt electrical pulses go through them sometimes, like when their bodies fall through space and wind is in their hair.  At these times they know, somewhere deep, that they are plugged in.

They try things, even if they're kind of weird or even dumb, if it sounds like fun.  They encourage others to join in the fun-- to be adventurous, and take risks, to dare to be as awesome as they possibly can, because life is short, and we are all lit fuses.

This wishful thinking became a knowing, that they are out there, this lost tribe.  We just have to find each other, to bring it out in each other.

Yes-- the girl in the story is me, and in this process of thinking of what creative direction my life/career (there's very little separation for me) is going to go now, I decided somehow this sensibility was going to be a big part of it.  Somehow I've gone from being a sort of complicated loner, to someone to whom community is very important.  This idea of the lost tribe is at the core of *new idea*.


irishk said...

These are just awesome images Sue. They capture exactly what you are trying to 'put out' as the vibe of 'lost tribe.' I so get it and I believe others will too. I guess if they don't, they aren't meant to, and that is the whole point. Really a cool post!

Maery Rose said...

Weird how those who feel alone in their differences are only alone until they find all those other weird people who once gathered together, realize they are not alone and that they are incredible in their weirdness. Did that make any sense?

pseudosu said...

Thanks for the support. :) Yeah, not everyone will *get it*, but that's okay.

It makes total sense. "You're not alone, and really kind of awesome, and who cares about being normal?" sums it up pretty well. :)

Linda G. said...

Wow. Great post!

"...because life is short, and we are all lit fuses." -- And some days I feel like I'm burning down faster than others.

irishk said...

You know, if we are all just 'normal,' we wouldn't be remarkable. Normal is way too overrated:-)