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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How is it almost June already?

Hey people.  Suddenly it's here-- spring!

I couldn't believe it when my mom pointed out it was going to be my birthday in a couple weeks.  How is it possible it's already nearly June?!  Our wardrobes will change.  Our eating will change.  In a few months we'll have tan-lines, and our patios and decks will become regularly used floorspace.  We'll become accustomed to wandering outside without even thinking about what we're wearing.

Much as I love summer, it's the shift that's really exciting.  If it was never winter, this change in lifestyle wouldn't seem nearly so magical.  Anyway.  I'm one happy camper right now.  :)

I started my classes for graphic art.  I wonder how I would have done in school if all classes were online.  I like that no one can hear me cursing, and that I can go back over sections as many times as I need to.  I could tell if I were in a real class, I would get snagged on something-- meanwhile, the teacher and the rest of the class would barrel ahead, and I'd soon be hopelessly lost (a familiar scenario from umpteen failed math attempts) (See?  *umpteen* is not a real number yet here I am using it.  That is how remote math is to me.)

I suspect if I'd taken high school online, I'd still not exactly have set the world on fire, because for me to learn something I have to actually be interested in it.  And the fact that I'm required to take a class does not compel me.  But this (computer graphics) IS something I'm interested in, so even though it is confusing I'm very determined to learn it.  I'm gonna learn it so hard you guys...  Just wait.

Here is the princess pic I began fooling with months ago.  I haven't had time to work on this stuff again until recently.  I had actually gotten much farther on her, just experimenting around blindly-- She had a bunch of stars in her hair, and her eyes had been re-done and were way more realistic, but that was before i knew about saving your work every time you turn around so it crashed once and erased all my progress.  The coloring was just something I was fooling with yesterday.  I don't get it yet, and am not satisfied with how it looks.  Learning = experimenting.

One thing I haven't figured out yet is how come the computer doesn't get where the color should stop.  See the left-most hair?  The color is stopping where my drawn lines end, instead of filling in all the negative space.  Oh well, this is all stuff I haven't gotten to yet in the classes.  I'm just trying to figure out what I can.  It's very engrossing.  I think about it when I'm not doing it, and even dream about it. 

In that way it reminds me of mountain biking.  I was really obsessed with learning everything I could about that over the last couple years.

I decided I'm going to get rid of all my stained glass stuff, if anyone is interested.  I have all kinds of glass, and chemicals, and leading.  It's going on craig's list, so, let me know if anyone out there wants it.  This is the kind of decision I've had to make about my art this year--- what realistically am I going to continue doing?  How is my time really best spent both from a creatively satisfying standpoint, as well as a financially reasonable one.  The glass stuff just didn't make the cut.

Last post I talked about how awesome my life is (barf-- I know), and how I feel like I control my time.  A couple friends have expressed frustration lately with feeling like their time is def NOT their own, that they feel a lot of pressure from outside and like they're almost suffocating-- really stressed-out.

I think making conscious choices about stuff like this is super important.  You can't say yes to everything.  There is a common analogy out there among young moms, that talks about "putting the oxygen mask on yourself first" in an airline emergency-- the message being-- "save yourself first, so you can be there to save the others."  This applies to everyone's life.

You have to decide, that you are going to come first.  This sounds horribly selfish to most people at first, and of course it can be taken to extremes and abused, but just listen.  I've had to figure a lot of this stuff out because of doing art, and even addiction recovery.  In art it's the old "take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs" thing, with addiction, it's an important choice-- to fight for yourself and the life you want.

Once you get that, you can divide your life into segments-- important ones, like the time you will put into relationships, helping others, working on your primary relationship/s (family/spouse), handling your career, playing.

All these areas I picture more on a line, divided by sliders.  (This was just the only graphic I could find)  YOU are the one who can adjust and set the sliders.  They are movable.  Sometimes a circumstance will require more of *you* for a time and rob the other areas of time/attention, but you have to watch that and readjust to balance stuff out when you are able.

It's not about your life being non-stop fun.  For me knowing that I've made taking care of myself a priority (so that a more healthy, whole me exists to be there for everyone else in my life) and feeling like I am the one who adjusts the sliders, makes even the *work* or harder parts of my life feel okay.  :)  Hope this makes sense and maybe helps someone.


Zoma said...

Hi, Sue Steve might be interested in your glass stuff. I'll ask him and let you know later today.

Maery Rose said...

It's true about the change of seasons or even the change in cloud patterns. After so many cloudy rainy days, the sun shining for the last couple days has made me outright giddy! I probably wouldn't even notice the weather if I lived in Hawaii.

We must have had similar experiences in school. Online is awesome! Although I do like bopping ideas off fellow classmates. You'll have to tell me what you think of the class format as I've been looking for something on Photography. I could also use some structure to get me to read about and work on the less fun, technical stuff.

I agree with the "me first" and that it's not selfish. You have nothing to give if you don't take care of yourself. I'm working on setting (and sticking to) priorities and not hyperventilating about the stuff that's not getting done. It's something I have to continually reevaluate and make adjustments on. Of course, you know that already.

pseudosu said...

You can still network with people online, not in your class, but in the field. People seem really nice about this. There are a number of photography classes in this system too. I signed up for lynda.com. You can view their course selection and pick a subscription that's right for you.
Yup, it's all about reevaluating and readjusting. ;)