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Monday, June 27, 2011

Annual family ho-down

Hey people.  Remember last year at Dan's family get together weekend when I just went wild and shot off guns and arrows and rode a motorcycle all in one day?  The same family party took place last weekend.  You guys will never believe what I rode on this year!---

That's right people-- it's a cougarThat's how bad-ass I have become!  Okay, not really.  Actually, when I insisted Dan take this picture of me, it prompted some pervy comments from one of my bro-in-laws, so I of course immediately upped the ante and began pretend making-out with the cougar.  (*no actual cougars were traumatized during the filming of this family party.)

This was my *out-of-the-box* weekend.  I've always struggled with why things like this, that are supposed to be fun, are so much effort for me, because hey-- I'm fun.  What?-- I AM!  But things in a big group always just take a lot of energy for me and I have to do a lot of self-talk about not being a high-maintenance pain in the ass, and staying relaxed so people around me don't pick-up stress vibes from me etc etc.  Recently, I read, this is all (most likely) because I am an *introvert*.  

Anyway...  This is Dan's adorable big sister Patti-- who's cabin we were at (her and her hub's John's, & his parents).  She is super energetic and, as you can see, is very cute.  Yes, those are leopard print rain boots-- *WIN*!

Most of his 6 siblings and their families were able to attend.  This is one of his other adorable sisters Mary-- who is such a nice person-- really genuinely a good gal to know.  She has survived brain cancer, and so far 3 crashes (out of 4 rides) on Honda trail bikes.   His sisters all belong to the lollipop guild, so I feel like a lumbering oaf around them, but try not to accidentally crush them and they are not afraid of me.  (That's Patti's son Andy too.  He turned out to be a nice, funny guy.  As is often the case, I like people better when they become grown-ups.)

This family culture is not my normal world.  I encounter things like this I have to just not over-think.

They are hunters, and I am more of a gatherer.  More accurately, I'm more of a mess-arounder.  But their hobbies require them to learn these skills like archery, and when we go up there we get to try out all their toys.  It's kind of like entering another world for me, but since they're all so nice, can be fun if I de-spaz enough to enjoy myself.  (Which I did, pretty much.)

The woods up there is beautiful, even if a little weird.  I love the woods, and have even been know to appreciate weird.  

We brought up 3 Honda's from our *stable*, and I got to ride around on them and figure out how to shift and- uh-- stop, which is handy.  The first one I rode on quit every time you weren't revving it so that was a bit of a trick, but I managed.  

We rode through the woods on these trails they've built, past stuff like this occasionally (want, of course) and when we got to a clearing everyone would zip around like maniacs-- especially Dan and the nephews!  For one journey I just rode Penny so someone else could use a Honda-- that was pretty fun.  I could actually keep up pretty well because there were so many of us, and Penny had fun *running with a pack* of motors.

Here's a vid I made if you're curious--

It was fun.  Being social in a big group for two days left me pretty drained, but I had a good time.  At one point, I looked around, and we were all sitting around looking at a couple of boxes of old comics Patti dragged out from their childhoods.  Let me set the scene for you--- at least a dozen people (I never actually counted) sitting around outside looking at comics, one guy trying to shoot other guys in the butt with an airsoft gun (non-deadly, mostly) while they played a bean-bag toss game, and a little kid shooting at cans with one, in between waving it dangerously around pretending to shoot people in the face (yikes).  Then butt-shooting guy got up and randomly grabbed a tomahawk and hurled it at a rubber bear, but missed.  Then the kid's mom decided to try shooting cans too.  During all this people were complacently looking at comic books.

I looked over at one nephew who has seen the blog etc before and just started laughing.  "This is SO weird!" I said.  He laughed too-- "I know!"  But really all families are weird, just in different ways.

By the way-- they wound-up giving this kid his own gun to take home as a gift.  This is some kind actual gun people consider a toy I guess, but it was disturbing watching this kid being all ~gangstah~.  Oh well.  Back to, um... reality?  (Whatever passes for normal around here-- you know-- cats, mountain biking, welding, my constantly spinning brain etc etc)


linda thiltgen said...

fun AND well-documented!! Great video!

irishk said...

Wow, it does seem a bit like you fell into a rabbit hole ~ so out of the ordinary realm of you life ~ but it's one of those experiences you think back on forever...and so glad you were a part of it all. I like what you said about all families being weird, because it's true. It's all about which lens you're looking through. Weird is good:-) Cool post Sue. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Yes, I was glad I didn't miss it. You have to share experiences like this to feel more at home with people, or I do anyway. Family holiday dinners just don't cut it. :)

Maery Rose said...

I can relate to feeling out of place with big family gatherings, especially for a whole weekend. It is exhausting. And I get the fun of the activities as long as it's not done in a drunken stupor or turns mean. Not that I know any families like that... Bow and arrow --- I always managed to twang myself and end up with a huge bruise on the inner elbow area. I could totally get into shooting at targets. Love the video with the music and hyperdrive! The tearing around on bikes looks fun.