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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let the good times roll-- through the woods.

Hey people.  I'm a little behind in posting because sis and the kids have hit town, but I have to fill you in on how the second ~*Ladies Night*~ at the trail turned-out. 

A good time was def had by all.  (See the cool shirt I'm wearing?  Oh- yeah-- first official tee design.  The girls all seemed to dig them.)

So here's how it worked this time-- around 45 (!) girls showed up.  Almost all from the first round came back, and talked so much about how much fun it was some new girls came too.  Last time I made a feeble attempt at instructing which left me feeling like a giganto DORK because I don't really feel that comfortable speaking in front of a large group.  (Lucky that best-selling author thing never panned-out.  Bullet = dodged.)

THIS time, I somehow convinced Kyia Anderson-- a retired national-level professional mountain bike racer to come teach the skills clinic, and was it ever awesome!  (She's rather preggo right now, so taught from the ground.)

Her hubs, also a racer, demonstrated while she explained.  It was amazing.  I even learned a new tip-- finally the right way to do a track stand! (standing still on your bike & balancing w/o putting a foot down)  Having someone who really knows what they're talking about take the time to explain the basics, even the seemingly obvs ones, really takes huge chunks off the learning curve.   I feel my theory was proven correct through this event---- Women riders ARE more comfortable learning in a somewhat structured/controlled setting like this, as opposed to dudes-- who basically have been popping wheelies since first grade and would rather just trial and error it.

It was rather astounding seeing so many women all riding around practicing stuff, and after that, the woods absolutely packed with pink shirts as they hit the trails.  I kept sort of not believing this event became so big.

I literally could not have done it w/o enlisting the help of some very key people.  Here's one now-- Trusty Pam!!  I was also once again touched by how my trail-working pals, all dudes, jumped right on board and helped-out, and even sort of kept other dudes out of the way so we wouldn't feel *observed*, and took surreptitious pics of us to document our night.  It was really cool!

All in all, it was super cool.  I got to meet a ton of cool, fun girls who want to ride around in the woods.  This one-- Amy, was a total animal!  She's ~a natural~.  It was her third time on a mountain bike ever, and she took to it immediately-- even riding *the teeter* (this giant teeter-totter that you have to ride all the way to the top end which is about 6' in the air, and balance there while your weight lowers that end and you can ride off.  It's pretty much the hardest one in the state, and tons of guys eat it big-time trying this.)  (Amy is my new idol, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a jersey on her back one day soon-- hopefully of the local home-trail heroes.)

There were a few minor crashes-- Heather's pants (below) basically exploded off her body when she went over the bars trying to avoid someone who stopped suddenly in front of her.  I went OTB too on a pathetically easy section, just letting some pent-up zoominess get the best of me, and scraped-up my leg with the classic ~tire tread in the front~, ~chain-ring bite in back~ marks of ~whoops!~

But no one actually got hurt, just the normal scrapes and bruises that make you feel like sort of a bad-ass mountain biker.  :)  The fun WAY out-weighed the scary.  I'm looking forward to seeing more girls on the trails now.  Mission accomplished!


Anonymous said...

One of the best times of my life! I have requests for t shirts if you want to sell them, please! Also requests for more ladies nights!

pseudosu said...

Thanks Tree--
I know! I never dreamed we'd run out of shirts since we ordered 50! That means OVER 50 women total came to the two combined events. I loved how the tees came out, but could never, in good conscience sell them, because the artwork was ripped. Next time around I'll actually create the artwork and they'll be EVEN MORE awesome-- promise! ;)

Maery Rose said...

The event was definitely a hit success! This was a gardening weekend but I hope next weekend can be spent on a trail (hopefully one I can practice on in total anonymity).

Linda G. said...

That looks like so much fun! (Which means I'd probably manage to kill myself if I tried it.)