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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summah vaca

Hey people.  Well, sis and the kids are back in Texas now.  It was fun.  It was exhausting at times.  I miss them-- but I really do need to get back to my life.  One day while they were staying at mom & dad's I just lounged around most of the day in my bikini wearing this.

Dan--- "What's it like to be you?"  Me-- "Pretty sweet."

One of the coolest things on vacation was getting to look at Megan's journals.  Before you are all horrified by this, and with me showing you a couple little snippets-- these are not inner-most thoughts and feelings journals-- they were assigned by her teacher, and had to be read by her mom and turned in for class every week.  So, not super private.

Sadly this is not a depiction of her admiring how skinny I've managed to get (because, uh, that hasn't exactly happened yet).  They had gone to the science museum on another trip up here once.

Mah girl Megan is turning into a super neat (as in cool), creative and funny little goober.  I love her to pieces and hope like hell life doesn't kick the crap out of her as she gets older-- that horrible guys aren't drawn to her-- or she recognizes they are horrible right away, and that she doesn't drive too crazily, or get into too much stuff she shouldn't.  For now she's at that exact point where she's def still a KID.  And that's awesome.  :)

She's such a goof-- this was from a story she made up called "The extremely annoying potato."  I know.

This was all about getting lost in the woods and finding her way back home by following the north star (fiction).  She ends it with "ps-- at the very end I got tackled by a couple of bears-- no big deal."  (LOL!)

This is the next page.  (i was laughing so hard reading this stuff every night in bed.)

This is about a talent show.  (fiction again)  She ends this one with her brother trying to console her about being nervous about the big crowd watching-- "I looked out at all the filled seats and slapped him in the face.  Then I played 'Victory Bells' and went home.  The End."  (LOL!)

Just read this one.  In case you can't tell what her "dream come true" is by the pic-- she uses her new-found wealth to hire the best karate teacher in the world and become a blackbelt, so she can fight her brother (also a blackbelt.  I suppose so she doesn't have an unfair advantage) and kill him.  I'm sure this is kind of sick, but I laughed my ass off when I read this one.   There's something so innocent, in a way, about that visceral level of sibling frustration.

*The boy* as I call him (online not to his face) is growing by leaps and bounds.  He turned 7 up here.  When Dan is home you know where to find Jaden--- orbiting.  He LOVES Dan.

He is pretty funny too, and can be very sweet, but as you can probably see from this pic-- he def has a *little shit* side.  I'm told little boys are just like this.   We got along pretty well.  I get very worn-out by little kids.  I'm just not used to them, but I love these guys.  Jaden got to know where ~the line~ was with me pretty easily, and really, what he wants most of the time is just attention and someone to play with him.  He's a good guy.  (Mostly)

This has nothing to do with anything, but I came across it and it made me laugh.  I think it's from me & Pam's second ever ride.  You can see her lovely dirt streaked leg from going down once, but we are smiling big.  I emailed it to her and she observed-- "Those bikes!  What were we thinking?!"

Pretty funny how far we've come and how much fun we are still having at this.  :)


Holly said...

I love, no LOVE, those illustrations and stories...especially the extremely annoying potato, it made me laugh. I love what children can come up with, and sometimes it is surprising and saddening how much we can lose touch with that imagination! Good reminder =)

Linda G. said...

Your niece and nephew are adorable! And, judging from what you've shown us here, your niece has some great storytelling chops. ;)

Maery Rose said...

I'm with you. I hope life doesn't knock the stuffing out of your niece. I love that pink mask! All that women's lib stuff hasn't done much to make being a girl any less pressurized. I got a creepy anonymous thing in the mail at work and I am so angry at how much it upset me. Such bullshit.

I'm glad you got to spend family time! Now back to art, biking, outings, and simply kicking back!

irishk said...

Priceless!! They will only become more so with the passage of time and innocence. It's really great that you get to know them so intensely as you do while they grow and change. That will stay with them forever. Thanks for sharing. K

strugglingwriter said...

Love those pictures your niece drew.

This reinforces my opinion that Hollywood should hire little kids to come up with their movie ideas. They create stuff much more interesting than the crap Hollywood currently churns out.