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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Super Fun Day

Hey people-- two posts in one week-- can you believe it???  Sunday I had such a super fun day I just have to tell you about it.  Seriously, it was, ALMOST perfect.  The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if some kind of unforeseen adventure had unfolded perhaps involving getting *a little* lost, mud, caves, super-soakers &/or roman candles, and maybe trail-poaching/shenanigans.  But, seeing as yesterday involved bikes, perfect weather, food, and my two favorite people-- it basically kicked ass.

We began with a car-load of fun-- us and our bikes.  It was gorgeous-- about 80, low humidity, and sunshine all day, plus--- my mom & dad were watching the kids all day!  Just grown-ups (kind of)-- me, sis, and Dan.  Woo!  :)

First stop was Midtown Global Market where I totally wanted this dress to look super cute on me.  It's hard to see, but it had these drawstring things on it that could be cinched at various places.  Look at the colors!  And it had unusual front pockets too.  But alas, it was NQR (not quite right)-- tiny armholes that cut in, and it was about 2" too short.  I'm so bummed!  I might use it as inspiration for a better design of my own someday when I get a sewing machine. 

Parking at MGM was strategic, you'll see why later, but after checking stuff out there, we carried our bikes down the stairs behind the Sheraton and got on the greenway.  If you've never been, it's this awesome bikeway made from an old rail line that runs mostly below street level.  (Pretty good shot for trying to get out the camera and work it on the fly huh?)

Along the way there are gardens and stuff to check out, and a few pretty awesome murals.  It is also just super fun to see our bike culture in action.  I guess we *won* at bikey-est city over Portland this year.

The greenway runs between West River Road and the chain of lakes.  I was so glad we got to do this.  It's one of the prettiest metro rides, with lots of fun stops you can make.  Where Katie lives it pretty much sucks.  It's always gross weather (super hot, humid, and SUPER windy) and there are no shade trees because they just don't grow in S. Texas, and because of all this there is no ~outdoors culture~ to speak of.  I would die there.  Anyway-- she was in heaven, even if we sort of wore-out her legs.

After the chain of lakes we connected with the Minnehaha Parkway trail that runs along the creek through big shady trees for miles.  It was gorgeous too.

It was so fun getting do do this with my sister and Dan, my two favorite people!  It felt like another Birthday celebration even though it was not *about me*.   It was even kind of fun biking around in tourista-wear, flip flops etc.  It was a "who cares" day.  :)

Here's my two of my favorite people where we stopped for lunch-- Minnehaha Falls.  The line was crazy long!  It took over half an hour to get up to order our food, and by then I was bonking hard(blood sugar at zero) sweating all over and feeling like I was going to pass out any second.  They took care of me until we got a table and I got some more gas in the tank. 

Then it was time to motor again!  We wanted to hike around the falls etc, but Kate said she'd probably die of leg failure-- this was about a 24 mile bike ride for someone who doesn't regularly ride-- plus, we were running short of time.  This is on W. River Parkway's trail. (LOL-- I just noticed Dan is riding with no hands to show off.  lol)

At the end of our journey, because of the strategic parking-- Italian ice was waiting!  I had watermelon
& lemon, Kate had black cherry & lime, Dan had black cherry.  Yum!!!

  I highly highly recommend this day to anyone looking for a great ride, or maybe to show off the twin cities to visitors.  Super FUN!!!!

I have the best time doing stuff like this.  The whole time I just felt really present, not waiting for the next thing, or thinking about a past thing.  I guess this is the ideal mode for me-- to be on the move.  Having people along I really love makes it extra special though.  :)


Maery Rose said...

Such perfect weather for your outing and that is a fun place to ride. I'm so glad your sister got to spend time with her favorite peoples (I'm sure) and do some fun stuff here. I wish today was not such an icecubes in your helmet kind of day...

irishk said...

It does sound like a perfect day:-) I am so happy for you. It is such a gift to be able to be fully aware at that you are experiencing a 'moment' to remember and cherish forever. It sounds like joy personified:-) K

Lynn Fisher said...

Glad you all had a great time! ...and that is the exact same dress Sue and I wanted but could not find in our sizes. : (