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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bum-cha-boom, bum-cha-boom

"In the summah time when the weather is hot..."  Hey people.

First things first-- Here's a bruise update.  Once again, the discolored area (now sort of greenish black) is not self-tanner gone awry, it is a bruise covering my entire ankle and foot.  (If something is going to hurt and be inconvenient, the least it can do is look really gross, and I like to get *credit* for this for some pathological reason.)  Still haven't ridden, but can now run.  Tah-dahhhh.

Now, on to all the fun I've been having.  This weekend is sort of my ~last blast~ of free time before I go into show-prep overdrive, so I decided it should begin on Thurs.  What?  It's close to the actual weekend.  Kind of.

I started it off by meeting my pal Lynn and having lunch and ice cream, or as we call it now, thanks to one of my famous typo's-- ice ream.  Fun, and yummy.  She brought with this gorgeous necklace she made lately.  It was fun catching up.

Trusty Pam decided to play hooky and take off a few hours early (~approve!~) so we could hit the river for the first time this summer and go kayaking.  As horrifying as this surely is to young people everywhere, and probably some my age too-- I wear a bikini for such outings, because-- I can, and... screw it!  Look away if you're grossed-out America, but really: Attention chicks of all ages--- no one likes how they look in a swim suit, so just rock what you feel okay in and ~who cares~ what everyone else thinks!

Man did it feel great to get on the water again.  Me and Trusty Pam have had so many fun adventures.  We both agree we can feel the tension drain out of us once we get on the river though.  This activity is different.  We can go at it hard, or take it easy, but it's still sort of calming no matter how much effort we put in.

The water is unusually high now, so all the little side waterways we call ~secret passageways~ are open now.  When water levels get lower (usually by now) you can't get through a lot of these.  This one is a favorite.  It's like going through a tunnel of trees.

There was one we tried that was blocked so we had to paddle back upstream to get out, but it wasn't flowing super strong.  This is where what Pam calls *the spider incident* took place.  Right as I was going under a branch, I saw it was covered with pretty big spiders.  I had no time to adjust, so within seconds had spiders scampering all over me as I screamed and swore like a sailor and shot to the foot well of my kayak and formed a ball.  (This, really, should be avoided if possible.)  Don't ask me how I hung on to my paddle.

Pam came over, knocked me into another web covered branch (more swearing), and grimly flicked the one remaining spider she could locate, into the river.  She surmised the others has probably fled in terror and flung themselves overboard.

For those of you who are ooged out by crawly things-- you know how when they are nearby part of your fear is "omg, what if they scurry up my arm or leg"?  There wasn't even time for that-- they were running all over me.  After I kept saying, "But Pam-- they were RIGHT ON ME."  She was like, "Yes, I know."  ~pat pat~  ICK!!!

We felt so lucky to get to be outside having fun on such a gorgeous day.  It was 100 degrees out, but it felt a lot cooler on the water.  We had a great time.  The best things in life, aren't things people. 

The next day was super hot too, and I got to have lunch and spend a couple hours with my friend Kathleen.  Her husband commissioned me to make her this ~tree of life~ for Christmas, but they were going into a serious remodel (think gutting their entire house down to the frame and redesigning it) so they preferred to wait a bit, and that fit better with my schedule too, so I just finally got it to her.  It came out awesome, and I'm so happy they both love it.

The next day (Sat now, the actual weekend) me, Pam, her daughter Brenda, & Dan all hit the river for a mega paddle from west of Monticello all the way to Elk River.

For this paddle I glammed it up a bit more-- another bikini, and fashionista accessories.  I have a theory that it's a good idea to attempt to stay somewhat hot (you know, try at least) for Dan.  Since he was along too this was borderline date territory.  I think no matter what they say, guys probably like it a tiny bit when ~their woman~ still looks like she's at least trying.  My grandma is 95 and still colors her hair and tries different mascara etc, so I'm going to be one of those who never really throws in the towel.

We all had fun-- floating along eating apple wedges, playing half-hearted, lazy versions of *bumper kayaks*, trying to take group pics, and paddling paddling paddling.  Near the end our backs were dying so we pulled up on an island to stretch our legs.

I found a cool piece of driftwood.  (No, i didn't give birth to it as this photo suggests.)  This was a feat and adventure in and of itself.  It was lodged in some branches of a fallen tree and looked pretty light, but it wasn't, and the current smashed me right into the tree as I was trying to maneuver into position.  Once I got it free, it was really heavy, and on top of one arm, both legs, and my paddle, and I had one hand to keep trying to push off from the tree, and reposition the log and get my paddle out.

As I was struggling to do all this without tipping over, I saw this piece of wood was actually covered with spiders too!!!  But I had to just suck it up and not panic.  Funny how at certain times you simply can't afford to be a big prissy baby.  I got the wood, didn't capsize, or lose my mind, or get actually covered in spiders.  ~Whew!~  The things I do for art.

Speaking of art-- my camera takes underwater pics, so this is me taking one from under water, through the surface, up at me.  It kind of looks weirdly like I'm in Hawaii in the 70's doesn't it?  Anyway, kind of cool.

After our paddle we all went to McD's for cones.  Happy to report there were no incidents of ~cone rage~.   (Do not get between me and my treats people.)

All in all it's been a fantastic 3 days!

Today (Sun) I basically vegged (aside from a run), and tomorrow I hope to at least go townie biking.  Summer is sa-wEEt!


Maery Rose said...

Ah yes, water. Love it! I was in 7th heaven with all the snow meltage rushing down the mountains in Colorado. Our tent was pitched next to a stream and it soothed me to no end.

I bet you guys practically tipped your kayaks laughing over the spider incident. No? I myself have a hilarious picture in my head.

I love how the tree of life turned out for Kathleen. Someday, I'll commission some mega horse sculpture.

Sounds like two awesome kayak trips! I've kind of given up on that I can add kayaking to my repertoire. I barely have time to trail ride and go bike riding but I do love getting out (or by) the water.

irishk said...

Love those water shots! And you can totally rock that bikini, so you just do it baby:-) This week has been so perfect weather-wise, it is simply magical. You have to take advantage of every moment, so good job on your play time! The tree just simply can not be captured on film, the shadowing is so amazing and the feel is just awesome. I could not be happier:-) K

Linda G. said...

You know, I think if I could be anyone else, just for a weekend, it would have to be you. You really know how to live. :)