Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Ahhhh!" ~runs around~

Hey people.  Just checking in quick.  OMG.  I have been working my BUTT off, and it has been going so slow people.  I am seriously panicking.  The stuff I have is looking awesome, but I can't believe how long everything is taking.  I just keep telling myself the only thing worse than not having very many pieces, is having not very many sub-par pieces.  Every one has to be primo.

Forget riding and almost everything else.  It's total crunch time! 

One thing that got in my way yesterday was having a bunch of ideas that translate great to wall art.  Nothing wrong with that--- except that for this show I've been asked to limit myself to free standing pieces.

Here is the idea I was stuck on--- A friend sent me this pic of me.  It's actually one of the better pics of me I've seen.  What I like about it is my image is undefined, while the background, my surroundings, are clear.  I'm sort of out of sync.  Also, what registers is-- human, female, happy.  Something about it captures me better than an ordinary photo that *turned-out* would have.

Then I found these digital art pieces.  Any guesses what this is?   (I love the texture and colors)

The one above is every Playboy centerfold from the 90's layered on top of each other.  The one below is every centerfold from the 60's.

What is so cool about these to me, is sort of like the picture of me-- the photos intent was to capture a physical form-- in Playboy's case the entire focus of the image was the physical form alone, but what these blurred images present is really something closer to what I picture our souls being like.

The idea isn't fully formed, but it's definitely in my brain fermenting.  It needs to translate into 3D for me to make sculptural use of it.  It may happen, may not.  Now that I've turned it loose and told you guys about it that is less likely actually.

So yesterday I finished the last of my horses for the show, then ran into the creative wall-- no ideas.  I paged through my sketchbook and fiddled with some ideas but nothing was gelling.  I was so frustrated I literally was almost crying.  I am under a ton of pressure right now and can't afford these kinds of delays!

Finally, right at the end of my workday lightning struck and I got one idea with many possible permutations, and I'm really excited about it because it could be a whole new technique for me that will expand my sculpture work significantly if it works.  Last night at trail work it was nearly all I could think of.  Images flickered through my head and I'm sure the poor guy I was paired with to shovel dirt thought I was super boring.  Oh well.

Today I'm starting on this new batch of art and only have a week to come up with a significant number of new pieces.  No matter how many I'm able to complete, each one has to represent my best work.  Wish me luck you guys.  My next post will probably not be until after I've delivered everything for the show.


irishk said...

Those blurred shots remind me of sightings of Big Foot...but I actually like your thought of the soul presence. That's why you're an artist and I'm a groupie:-) Wow...talk about pressure to perform, this is it! I know you can do it and I have all the faith in the world that it will be an awesome show for you. May the 'force' be with you:-)

Maery Rose said...

I thought that photo was pretty cool too for the reasons you stated. It just gets the smiley essence of Sue. I like the idea that our soul's or inner self's are like this. You probably don't have time to do anything with the imagery right now but I can see you doing something in the future as it's kind of like the surface effects you get with paint and rust. I agree with Kathleen, this will be a great show. Pulling out pom poms, doing high kicks. Go Sue! (that was probably a bad visual, push from brain)