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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Help name the chair

Hey people.  On Sat we had visitors-- Mom and the kids came to our back yard.

All baby animals are adorable.

A little while later, surprisingly, dad (?) joined the group.  They all hung out for a while eating my garden.  I rationalized gardens are really for looking at, and at the moment I'd rather look at these guys than a bunch of mostly spent flowers anyway, so I let them munch.  Mom let him stay until he began acting rambunctious around the kiddies, then ran him off.  He may wear the antlers, but she wears the pants I guess.

Dan was gone all weekend, so I went through my usual feelings when he goes out of town-- like I should do something kind of out-there and rowdy, but instead, as usual, just rented sub-titled movies and pigged-out.  I don't know why I still have this thing about him being gone =ing me eating bad, but I can't seem to stop myself.  I made the little known delicacy *baked m-and-m's* (which is where you put m-and-m's in a hot oven for a couple minutes.  For some reason this makes them exponentially more awesome.)

I told myself I'd go running in the morning to off-set the damage.  "I'll run like the wind!"  (Yeah, provided the wind feels like a big fatass now.)  Oh well.  Whatever.

I didn't run, but did work all weekend.  I finished the *most awesome chair ever* that I bragged about all over facebook.  Can you help me come up with a cool name for it?  Here 'tis:

I'm not actually going poo.  This is just how I often look in pictures, unfortunately.  Despite my pained expression, the chair is SUPER comfortable.  I built a lumbar support into it, and a head rest, and made the ottoman at a slight angle, and a tiny bit shorter than the seat of the chair so your legs don't fall asleep.

Here is a side view.  The cushions are cream colored.  I need to get a neck pillow to go with it.  The one shown is ours I just used for an example.  The best part, is while you are seated, you are surrounded by your own private woods.  you see branches and leaves all around you and it's really relaxing.

As is usual for my process of getting a show together, work begets work, and nothing gets me working fast and hard like the deadline of a show.  When I'm not actually welding, I'm sketching, or looking at Pinterest.  Check it out.  I'll scan the images scrolling through pretty fast, and then something like this will snag my attention.

I usually am not sure why at first, so I'll stop and just stare at it while my brain starts it's own flip-book of accompanying, related images.  The pictures sort of leapfrog very quickly from one idea to the next until I get one, or in this case two completely new ideas generated from the root image.

When you see what this spawned you'll probably be sort of surprised.

Right now I have ideas in the pipeline for a blue horse, 3 tables, a table-top sculpture, and a wall piece, and that's just what has come *on-line* (in my brain) in the last couple days.  When I'm working like this I only wish my hands could work faster.  I hope the momentum of my pace can pull these ideas from my brain into the physical world like cars on a freight train.


Jill said...

Beautiful chair!!! How about Nature Embracing Life...or something like that.

pseudosu said...

Hmmm, Good one Jill. How about "Nature's Embrace"?

Holly said...

This is tough--awesome chair, though!

Canopy cove/haven? I think I'd feel like I was near the tops of trees sitting there. Or more whimsical...nature nook. Just a couple other ideas, but I really like Nature's Embrace.

irishk said...

"The Nest" Everyone should have their own personal nest in my opinion:-) A little home surrounded by your favorite things ~ Mother Nature holding you safely in her arms.

pseudosu said...

Ooo, like "Canopy Haven" too! Thanks Holly!

Kathleen-- I agree-- we all need nests!

Maery Rose said...

That would be such a great chair to have! You could fantasize you are somewhere through the long winter.

david elzey said...

i love naming things, but i keep coming up with names that don't fit. like willowdale. laurelcrest. canoptree. ah, well. cool chair no matter what it ultimately gets named.