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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yep- my hair is all wild again.

Hey people.  Okay-- so I blabbed on FB about coloring my hair all weird again, then forgot to post pics.  So here ya go.  As you can see-- not as super dramatic as one might expect when you hear there were 5 different colors involved.  I only did the layers underneath.  I want the option of looking semi-normal at times.  I think this shot was from before I reapplied the teal.  That light green stuff became aqua.

It looks cool in a pony tail, or kind of funs-up an otherwise boring old ponytail at least.

And I can do stuff with pulling back some layers and letting more of the colors show through or not as I choose.  I have to tweak it just a bit more-- the way back needs more purple to balance out the color distribution, but all in all-- I like.  It's a creative expression thing for me, and since I'm an artist and can get away with stuff like this-- hey-- why not?  I'll never be a tat or piercings gal, but doubt I'll ever really tire of fooling with my hair.

The only other stuff that has gone on around here lately is art.  No matter how much I plan to pace myself for shows, I always get near then end and freak out about how little work I have.  I started preparing for this show over 2 months ago, but the first pieces I made were super time consuming.  So now here I am working double shifts the last week like always.

Anyway, here's another horse, slightly larger than the other 3.  This is just the framing, which I'm showing you because deciding that I am pretty darn good at framing in my shapes led to a new idea this week, but more on that in a minute.

So that was "before", and here's "after."  I cut 2 sizes of circles out of a sheet of blue steel I've been saving just for this guy.  I wanted him to be very tranquil, as opposed to the other more animated pieces.  I'm pretty happy with him.

So-- new technique.  It's kind of funny because I made those other 3 horses, covering them with paper and just went, "Wow, I like how those came out!  Okay, what to make now?  Hmm Hmm Hmmmmm..." and went about working on other stuff like that experiment was an unrelated anomaly.  I farted around for an entire afternoon after finishing the blue horse and none of my planned designs were working out.  Nothing was clicking and I began to kind of spaz-out.

I started sketching just anything to get ideas rolling and some botanical forms came up (that's what happens when you hang out in the woods a lot).  The sketches became designs when I went-- "The paper, dummy!"  I could keep exploring covering my frameworks with paper, cool different kinds of handmade papers. 

So the sketches, became sculptures. 

I like how the shapes suggest natural forms, but are completely made-up.

One thing I like about them too, is their simplicity makes them feel contemporary, and I can play with one of my favorite aspects of  sculpture-- balance.

Also the papers available are super cool.  There are tons of varieties, and it's fun to have a new toybox to rummage around in.  I've got several more ideas in the hopper, and now it's just a race to the finish.  How much can I get done by next Wed?

Wish me luck!!


Maery Rose said...

It's one thing to get a block when you don't have a deadline but how frustrating and frightening when you don't have time to waste. I'm glad the mojo came through. I like your new concepts but that horse! Me want bad! I too really like the peacefulness of him. And I like what you did with the mane and forelock.

So will there be pizza?

irishk said...

Oh man...there you go again with those 'bedroom eyes' of yours! Cool pics of your hair and of course all the art. Having seen these all in person, I can vouch for their awesomeness. It's going to be a great show and history will prove it to be all worth the mad rush to the finish:-) And yes...for sure pizza...right?

pseudosu said...

Maery- Thanks. Yeah, def a first world problem, but it did suck being blocked on deadline. Glad the funnel unclogged!

Thanks. I hope so. Glad I have another show because I know I'll have ideas that won't make it into this one.

As for pizza-- maybe. I'll be working so it depends on if Dan wants to make the take-out journey. Also-- Good God do I need to run & ride next week!!!

Jill said...

LOVE the horse!! A life size one would look great in my garden! Your hair is fun. I have always wanted to do that, but never have the nerve. The closest I have done is just he wash out stuff. The paper covered sculptures are also very beautiful. I bet they are really nice with light coming through the handmade papers. Great luck with your upcoming show!

strugglingwriter said...

Love the sculptures and love the hair.

I wish there was something I could do different with my hair. I'm at the point where I just keep it short until the inevitable declaration of defeat and the shaving of the head. Ah well. :)

pseudosu said...

Thanks Jill! The wild hair colors are a bit of a commitment, but do fade slowly, so not as permanents as regular color. There's always coloring over it! ;)

That's okay, guys aren't *supposed* to have super pimped-out hair anyway in my opinion. Hubs is on the same program as you. Yay manliness. ;)

Heidi the Hick said...

I love your art so much and I'm not just saying that cuz I think you're fun and cool. One of the first things I'm giving myself when I sell a book (which IS going to happen dammit) is a beautiful horse sculpture. I love the little fetlock hairs on that guy.

And the fun hairdo - it's been years since I coloured my hair. I've done it myself but it never turns out quite right. And it's a mess. I have a LOT of hair. I'm too cheap to go get it done now... But I need the fun. Y'know?