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Friday, August 12, 2011

Running rings

Hey people.  Doing battle on several fronts right now.  The show preparations continue.  I'm about to get into it with my city over a dispute affecting us and 18 other homes (I've been mistaken for a lawyer a couple of times in the past-- Nope, I am just good at research, and arguing), and, I'm having to figure out a bunch of other unrelated financial stuff (refinancing), and, while I can and have slogged my way through this kind of negotiating before, math stresses me out, as do people trying to take advantage of me.  ~Stressful week.~

Whew---- b r e a t h e Sue.  I keep reminding myself my most important and pressing task at hand is preparing for this show, and getting to work in the world's prettiest welding shop every day isn't half bad. 

Plus-- I get to have both sets of doors open the the air, and it was finally not hot as balls this week.  MUCH more pleasant.  How cool looking is this guy?

Also, I get to take a little stroll in the woods on my lunch break when I feel like it.  This path is right outside my shop.  

Moment to moment life is swell.  I just have to mellow out, sort of, because I am a more strategic thinker under pressure, and I need that aspect of myself right now--- but--- can't stress all the way out.  Not good for art making.  :)

So--- remember this?

It led to this---

Doesn't look like much, does it?  In my brain though, which thinks in 3-D, little tetris blocks were dropping rapidly into place.  The sketch, became this lay-out.  Get it yet?

Okay, you probably STILL can't tell what it is, but trust me, when the glass top comes for it, it will be *awesome*.  It's a side table, like for behind a sofa or along a wall.  The rings reminded me of water.  This pic doesn't do it justice, but I'm happy with it.

The other idea that painting generated was this-- which I think is done, but I have to look at for a few days.  I might add more rings.  They suggest mass w/o blocking all light/ view of branches.  Me likey.

Now onto the next project-- a bench, whose back will look something like this---

Besides all this, the other thing I've been working on this week is riding.  I got Dan to go with me one day, and rode alone another.  I just need to get lots of hours in on the bike right now.  Some people mistake me for a half-way good rider, but I think I'm actually very habitual, and visual.  I learn my lines at the trail by chipping away at them lap after lap, and when they change, it takes me a while to find my *new way* that works for me to ride a certain part.

I kind of like that, even though it's hard.  I both like and dislike it.  When I'm doing that I can only really think of riding, and that's a nice break.  But it is shoving me out of my comfort zone.  Probably good for me, but I was finally feeling like I was hitting my stride.

The visual part reminds me of a horse I used to have that was a total spaz-- he'd arch his neck and swing his rump around at the slightest oddity, afraid of everything.  Now that the trail looks so different, I find myself staring at rocks that are now more exposed, potholes that have developed, and washed-out ruts resembling gully's, thinking "oh--- scary!  Don't ride there!" and of course my bike heads directly for whatever I am looking at---- just like horseback riding.

I'm working on de-spazzing--- looking where I want to go, and trying to keep everything bent and staying loose in attack position.  This is the hardest thing for me--- to ride loose enough to float over the rough stuff, when I'm scared to death.  Psychotically, I continue to somewhat enjoy this challenge, even as it frustrates me. 


Maery Rose said...

I like the new style tree with rings and I can't wait to see how the bench turns out. Sorry about the city sewer suckage. Don't they understand that now is not the time to hit people with something like that? I've been wondering if even the beginner bike area has become more challenging.

pseudosu said...

Thanks Maery. The beginner loop is pretty much the same, maybe a bit more sand. :)

irishk said...

Wow...I leave you alone for just a few days and look what you create! I can only imagine how cool that glass top table will be...and the bench. The magic continues. This should be a really awesome show:-)

Lynn Fisher said...

Wow, beautiful Sue...sorry about the city mess...we are almost 3 years into our little mess as well.