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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey people.  We are used to thinking of the time we spend broken up into memorable chunks.  So much so, that sometimes we think of our memories as the fabric of our lives.  But what if that changed?  What if something happened in your brain that made storing new memories tougher-- so that sometimes certain chunks just got randomly deleted?  It would definitely mess with you, and those around you a bit.  You, and they, may be forced into being more ~in the moment~ when together, detached from whether a memory was being created or not.  The time spent together, once up, may simply *expire*, and everybody would just have to accept that.

Interesting thought problem.  Interesting and challenging situation.  Possibly comforting to know that the people who like you and enjoy spending time with you still will, even if they have to think of it differently as time goes on?  Just when you think you've got it mostly figured out, life always manages to throw a new curve ball.

But we generally don't like changes do we?  Ones thrust upon us, that we have no control over?  So it was last week at my beloved trail.  There was a new law passed mandating that everything within the easement area had to be razed to the ground.  Pretty sure the guys contracted to do the work were less upset about the devastation this meant to our woods than us local trail lovers though.  In fact, it seems like they were sort of giant assholes about it, and exceeded their boundaries in many spots.

This patch of trail used to be at least 10 feet inside the woods.  I'd really like to take a 50 foot rope over there and walk the easement off and paint lines where they should have cut, and have the parks maintenance director go over and look at all the places they took out huge trees that should have been left alone (if my suspicions are confirmed.)  In my opinion this project was completely lacking in supervision, with disastrous results to our forest/trail.  It's done now.  Nothing can reverse it, but I still am intensely curious about this, and feel very violated about it and want someone to be held somewhat accountable if it was the hack job I think it was.  Stay tuned.  Maybe.  Lots of people are pretty pissed off about this.

Perhaps incongruously, I have been coveting (secretly) a trail work buddy's small chainsaw I called ~the Barbie chainsaw~.  I sort of want one, and want to learn how to safely use one so I can help more when trees go down at the trail, and also for all the fallen trees on our property that I could turn into firewood.
Someone mentioned how I used to post more about my cats last night.  We went to this little bonfire party in our woods--- us, our neighbors, a few friends, and some friends of theirs who are musicians.  They played music around the fire until like 2 a.m. I guess.  We didn't last that long but it was really fun.  Anyway--- Ray's efforts to poison us with cutosterone continue.  He's decided the fuzzy pillow I got myself recently is ~his~.  He's seriously in love with it.  He sleeps on it every night.  I'm now calling it his pillow mommy.

Oh-- this was super funny--- at the gathering last night a friend asked, "Do you still have six?" referring to my cats.  I grimaced and said, "Oh God no!  And even when we did-- it's not like we did on purpose."  Soon found out everyone else thought she'd asked, "Do you still have sex?"

Here's a cool pic of Tina someone took last week at the night race at the trail.  They're done for the year now.  Some of you may remember last year I felt compelled to try racing in the dark.  Not this year.  Never say never, but am just not ~racy~ right now.  Still fun to go help out and hang out at the bonfire & watch etc.

With one exception.  At the end of the month is the annual Halloween race, and as usual, I'll be attending.  Or I should say, Fabulosa Renard will be.

Yes, that's right--- international jet setting socialite Fabulosa Renard will be racing, sort of.

She doesn't go in much for rules and such.  "Rules are for commoners," she's been overheard saying.

There may be some deviations from the official course when she wanders off in search of a waiter. Whatever happens it will undoubtedly be interesting.

 There are few things more fun than riding my bike around in a costume.  I actually have to choose, every year, from my many many awesome costume ideas.  If somehow money could be made off this I'd be golden!  If anyone in my neighborhood (~A-hem~) is up for this on actual Halloween, let me know.  We could ride all over town spreading fabulousness.

Lastly, because I know, every facet of my life IS endlessly intriguing--- I'm doing a bunch of experiments trying to figure out a way to have my hair work out so it is curly (because there is no practical way to fight this without a full time staff of professionals apparently), NOT frizzy, and doesn't take an hour.  Actually I'm trying to get time spent messing with my hair down to about 5 minutes a day.  Here's me waking up in the morning (cute I know, no make-up-- ~the horror~) trying for no effort "day 2" hair. 

It's not really any more of a rat's nest than usual, so I'm calling it a success.  If anyone with curly hair wants in on this system, we have a small emailing list discussion group for info sharing.  Let me know.  You know something has to be done when you find yourself actually being envious of Shawn White's hair, and you are a girl.


Maery Rose said...

I myself have after-sleeping hair-flat problems. It's quite a chore to pump the do back up again. I sure wish I was able to ride Hillside. It'd be even more interesting in costume. But then again, I think I dumped all my costumey stuff before my move. I don't even have a decent boa.

As for the tree decimation, I used to drive past a beautiful woodsy area on my way to work every day that was bulldozed for a housing development one day. The sudden change was heartbreaking and I literally cried and had to change my driving route after that. The tree cutting because of some stupid line in the sand that the city did is truly nuts and some heads should roll. Not literally of course...

pseudosu said...

I have (of course) an extensive collection of costume-y stuff if you even are in need. :) The tree thing has been tough because I was at first all ~fighty~ about it, then told I needed to mellow out and accept it, so i *sort of* did, or tried, but now am back in fighty mode a bit. I feel strongly that the people doing the work were malicious. I know that sounds kind of whacko, but my intuition is often correct. It's not over yet.

Maery Rose said...

I'll keep the costume stash in mind. A costumy ride through town sounds fun (if everything doesn't have to be covered up with parkas). With the trees, maybe if you approach it as gathering information, questioning why it was done and how the line was determined.

It's true that the damage is done but perhaps if they crossed the line, new trees can be planted or at least an owning up to the error and apology.

Here's my conspiracy theory. One of the guys in the crew's wife ran away with a mountain biker and he HATES anything to do with the sport and sought revenge. Or the wife may have ran away with a tree hugging hippie type too...

Seriously, an explanation is in order and measure need to be taken to avoid having this happen again, like a town meeting for notification and a chance for residents to speak up.