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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Riddle you this

Hey people.  I haven't posted for ages because I've been up to my neck in work and waging a battle that isn't over yet.  I can't even say too much about it because of this, but those who know me, know when I choose to get involved in something I'm basically like a duck on a June bug-- obsessed!  This thing has taken up so much time, energy, and brain that it's practically blotted out everything else.

So here's what will be a necessarily cryptic account, until I can tell you the real deal and how it all went down, once it's actually resolved.  This will be, what one pal calls ~riddle-y~.

Let's just say, if you mess with her, or her house, I'm not going to be happy.

Some may say, "Yeah?  So?", but those people have never actually been in big trouble with me.  Let's just say I can be a very good person to have on your side.  If I decide to go to battle against you though, I can spend hours and hours just thinking of all the angles and possible ways to mess you up.

I know how the world works, that everything isn't always going to go your way.  Everything isn't---

But every once in a while, there are injustices so egregious or situations so unbearable that you just have to act.  Sometimes when the adversity seems especially impossible, this perverse part of me wakes up that sort of enjoys the challenge of this. 

There is another aspect to challenges like this.  I'm always kind of, okay-- not kind of--- completely surprised that everyone else isn't as outraged as me.  This situation had tons of people really really pissed off, but nothing much was really actually happening.  This is often the case, and I think it's something people who do bad shit sort of count on--- that people will just be too lame to interfere and they'll just get away with it.   Guess again assholes.

What good is working from home, on your own schedule, and being one of the world's most tenacious shit-stirrers if you're not going to, occasionally, you know, stir some shit?  So I dove into researching.  If you're going to go to war over something, rule #1 is-- know what you're talking about.  By the time I figured stuff out connected to this particular battle, (as is always the case), I knew more than I ever imagined I would about a topic I'd never given much thought to before.  
Time to begin making my case.

 This is where I have to make an admission.  I claim, at times, to be all about good vibes and positivity, and for the most part that is true.  But there is another side of me that rather enjoys a good fight I guess, especially one I can win.  And I only fight for stuff I really believe in.  That seems to fuel my passion and make me fight very hard.  See?  You want me on your side.
If your opponent is very formidable the challenge is greater, but so is the victory.

There is this very useful tool now, that evens the playing field considerably.  When you're doing research though, you still need to do actual leg-work too--- go to physical locations and talk to people in person.   It's worth it though, and really good for the overall battle, because it gives you time to process everything and think of all the angles.

So while there has been quite a bit of this----

There has also been a lot of collecting information from useful experts, strategizing with a partner in crime, and thinking about how to turn a really rotten deal by people determined to profit from it and cover it up, into an eventual positive outcome.

There have been times I've felt very angry about the situation that has sparked all this, and frustrated by others incompetence or lack of interest, and one day in particular that I felt like a mad dog snapping at the end of my leash.  Luckily, ~partner in crime~ played it cool and I was ~mostly~ able to keep a lid on it.  But I totally wanted to back the guys blatantly lying to our faces into the woods with chest pokes.

Now the hard part-- waiting.  We presented our case, and have given the people involved the chance to be cool about this and step up and fix it properly.  Either that will happen, or the war will go on to phase 2, which our opponents will enjoy even less than phase 1.

Stay tuned.


irishk said...

Passion is passion...whether it is unicorn sex or fighting for what you believe in. Go get 'em Sue! My dad used to always say I was like "Stink on poop" when I put my mind to something. Somehow that expression came to my mind while reading this post:-) I think it can be a wonderful quality!

pseudosu said...

Ah yes Kathleen-- "white on rice" "Brass on a door knob" I've heard a lot of them-- been accused of a lot of them! It can be a good quality when put to good use. Goes with my motto-- (one of them): "Die trying."

Maery Rose said...

It is pretty frustrating when people just shrug their shoulders and in essence give up, "That's just the way it is." And you're right. That's what "they" count on.

I say, "That's the way it was." Do something about it! Just look what's happening with the law suit in Anoka county. Even people in the minority can make waves.

strugglingwriter said...

I hope it works out for you and that good wins.

Makes an entertaining blog post. Love the unicorns.


pseudosu said...

Maery-- Yes, I have a hard time just accepting something that I see as really wrong. In this case there were some obvious attempts to cover up what happened. Who covers their track? -- People who knowingly did something wrong. I can't just let it go.

Paul-- Thanks, and yes, unicorns = awesome. Unicorns having sex under a rainbow = the pinnacle of awesomeness.