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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Mon, where is my mania?

Hey people.  Ray is still completely controlling me with his emanating waves of cuteness.  I had to actually stop typing between the words "still" and "completely" to pet him some more and tell him how adorable he is. 

I switched my computer to the in-screen camera to show you all how irresistible he is all cuddled-up on my lap between me and the keyboard, but was so horrified by my saggy unmade-up face and frightening hair (went to bed with it wet-- the Russian roulette of hairdo's) that I became sidetracked by giving myself pretend face-lifts for several minutes.

I suppose it is best really, from a "being a good for-real person" stand-point, that I totally missed my window of ever being *hot girl*.  It's pretty funny to go along your whole life (not really thinking about it very much) but sort of in the back of your mind thinking ~one day~ you may suddenly peak and look mysteriously amazing and become imbued with that particular confidence the beautiful women possess.  Then one day you realize, "Mmm-- probably not going to happen."

Oh well, it really is best to worry only about what's showing from inside of you anyway right?  Radiance/happiness/coolness trumps high cheekbones & tight skin?  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  Shhhhh.

Last post I talked about wanting to lose weight.  So naturally I spent all day Sat cooking a turkey dinner for two and making cookies.  Sound plan right?

But these cookies are different.  They have a bunch of healthy stuff in them.  Some naughty (translate delicious) things in them too, but really, if you're going to ~have a moment of weakness~, you might as well have it with these.  I call them "Sierra's".  They're inspired by a recipe I found years ago, but I tweaked and tweaked and now it's really my own healthy version.

The secret ingredient:  Nuked bananas.

You use these in place of butter and shortening.  Nuking them softens them to a very blendable paste, and almost caramelizes them a little, brings out the sugars somehow.

This makes the *dough* very wet, sticky, and batter-like.  You have to drop it by spoonfuls.

But they bake-up really nice, and are super yum.  Oatmeal, cornflakes, bananas. egg whites, whole wheat flour, a blend of amazing spices (another key component), and some sugars and chocolate and butterscotch chips.  What's not to like?

I love experimenting like this.  I've been figuring out there are a number of things I enjoy that are all rooted in the same part of my brain as the art/creative stuff.  It has to do with building-- fitting together invisible things, like snippets of arguments, evidence, ideas, ingredients-- and stacking and re-stacking them until they turn into an actual thing.

Remember the power lines devastation? 

I've been dealing with that again a bit lately, (and a whole host of other trail related stuff).   We're at the point where people are conceding that some things need to be fixed.  (This is slightly different than admitting "Hey-- we really screwed up and are terribly sorry" in that no one really admits anything.)

When I went over to take measurements etc I got pissed-off all over again.  See the huge stump in the pic above right next to the trail?  It's almost 20 feet OUTSIDE the easement.

See the stump in the foreground here?  See the pink flag on the left?  That flag is the easement.  165 trees were taken from outside the easement.  Not all were big, true.  Only 56 of them were of significant size.  56 big trees, right next to a trail intended to wind THROUGH a woods.

So that's the being pissed-off part.  The other part-- the "How do we fix it?" part, taps into that creating part of my brain.  Even the arguing about all this does too really, like moving things around on those huge fancy glass computer screens on CSI-- but the fixing it really does, because it starts with the nothing you see in these pics.

Then you begin thinking about it.  There is a tape playing, one of many, constantly in the back of your brain.  These tapes, unrelated, are all playing.  They are about every problem you have, every project you're working on, what you should make next, how to be able to still eat delicious cookies when you're trying to lose 10 lbs, whether you should put another teal streak in your hair, and Christmas preparations.  It's like having a bunch of lines in the water.

Then you feel a tug on one of them, and grab that pole.  You jerk it up, set the hook, and begin reeling.  As you reel you imagine what is on the other end, and as you do, whatever is on the other end begins to actually morph and change.  You keep reeling, and the thing keeps changing to match your unfolding ideas, and by the time it breaks the surface it has become an actual thing that you thought up.

THAT, is the coolest feeling in the world.


irishk said...

That the best description of brain function I have ever read!! I can totally relate...in a little different way, but totally the same. Those cookies look amazing. You should share, but only one of course, since self-denial is something I am trying to master ~ just a bit:-)

strugglingwriter said...

I disagree Sue. All the things you mentioned in this post are what make you a hot girl.

For what it's worth, I think I hit my peak in 5th grade, and I was too into Transformers, GI Joe, and sports to do anything about it. It's been downhill from there.

pseudosu said...

Thanks Kathleen. I plan to share for sure! :)

Struggling-- Thanks guy. As the corn cob said, "Awe shucks." Actually, i think i peaked when I was 1 and could perform "rhinoceros" and "I enunciate properly" for the entertainment of my parent and their peers. All downhill from there as well. ;)

C'mon now, the hockey thing is pretty hot. Let's just go with-- us and all our friends are pretty hot. So there.

strugglingwriter said...

Works for me :)


Maery Rose said...

I love the comparison to fishing. I just wish I'd get a bite on one of my lines. Patience I guess. Or better bait or a different lake. Oops, perhaps my pole is still laying in the bottom of the boat..

You need to share your cookie recipe as I'm always looking for ways to cut down the sugar and butter in recipes but never thought of using something like bananas for butter.

Also, there was an article in the Anoka paper about the tree hacking. Lots of people not too happy around here either. I guess this whole mess was brought about by a change in a federal law to ensure there are no power outages caused by trees going down. Brilliant. The Rum River park was pretty hard hit in spots too.

Jill said...

Your cookies sound fantastic. Ray is an adorable cat. He looks unbelievably soft. Maybe the power co. will replant some trees in the spots that they over zealously cut.