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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seeking the level

Hey people.  Our log splitting session last weekend was a success.  The boss (cooltrailbossRich) wasn't around, but the core guys plus 2 showed up and we stacked double the amount we thought we would in record time. 

You either get the appeal of trailwork or you don't.  It's work, but I like it.  Because it's happening at the park it doesn't seem as much like work as doing stuff around your own place for some reason.  And there's the camaraderie.  It's just a good vibe.

In other Suenews, I'm on a mission to lose weight again.  I've reluctantly concluded that much like my energy surges and mood swings, apparently the cycle of getting in shape and to a weight I'm happy about, then getting complacent and letting things slide, and getting all disgusted with myself and feeling like a fat cow again---- is *normal* for me.  So the pattern continues.

 So here's some of the healthy stuff I'm eating.  Healthy can also be yummy.  (The gum is sort of a new habit.  Trying it out.  It seems to do the trick when I want a snack but am not truly hungry.)

Here's what i made for dinner last night-- spicy black bean burgers.  The bun got a little over-toasted, but it was still good.

And thankfully, it's clementine and pomegranate season again, and I really like those, so they are good treats instead of grabbing a cookie or whatever.

A friend was drinking a can of Slimfast recently and asked if I wanted any.  ~Blech~  I said, "I've never liked those," and they said, "I don't like them either!"-- like "who would??"  I guess that's always been my problem as far as eating goes.  I'm a hedonist at heart.  I have to like my food, and even while eating healthy food that is good, in the back of my head I'm still scheming about what delicious horrible things I'll have *once I'm skinny again.*

So, I've figured this out about myself, and will keep the bitching to a minimum.  I have a choice-- break this pattern or just accept it and shut up.  For now I'm walking the line of acceptance, trying to be nice to myself about it all, but get back on the healthy horse.  If it's always going to be a bit cyclical, I guess I'm okay with that, as long as the margins are sort of narrow.

As far as exercise goes, I'm kind of in the same place.  I've always liked it, ever since I discovered how good it makes me feel mentally as well as physically, but I've learned totally killing myself over it doesn't pay off.  I just get burned-out, and it doesn't produce results really.  I'm best off keeping it fun.  Yesterday I hiked with Trusty Pam.  Were my lungs exploding?  No.  But we got out in the beautiful woods and moved and caught up.  It was awesome. 

A little every day, or a couple times a day, is the key for me.  Sometimes I feel like hitting it hard, and then that is fun too.  I just go by how I feel that day.  

Today I'm going to my Mom's for Thanksgiving, and kicking off the holiday season, which isn't always that easy for many of us.  This year I'm going to really make a point of trying to enjoy the good parts of it, and not let the things that bug me about it get too me too much.

I hope all of you have a wonderful relaxing weekend doing whatever it is you choose.  Remember-- lots of the hype and craziness is your option.  :)


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Clementines are so good this time of year. Good luck with your current swing.

irishk said...

This sounds like a great endorsement of 'all things in moderation.' You sound really centered and like a woman with a plan. Good for you. I especially like how you are approaching the holidays ~ to try to sift the good things from all the hype and chaos.

Linda G. said...

That black bean burger looks yummy! Heck, it looks way to yummy to be healthy.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Maery Rose said...

I don't think I've ever had a Clementine, basic oranges only. I'll have to try them. Thanksgiving threw my diet and exercise plans off quite a bit. I'm afraid to get on the scale. I hope horseback riding burned off at least a few calories yesterday. I'm in the same cyclic thing, with a desire to get to "my" weight and stick there. And keep up the exercising and stretching because starting and stopping and restarting at my age is too painful and too hard to get back to where I was. The aging body is not very forgiving of abuse or too much sedentary living.