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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sue-ga oo-rah-rah...

Hey people.  Surely you have seen this sign somewhere right?  Sorry to say, yesterday I violated it.

Yesterday was a very good day, very productive, and even fun with a couple different get-togethers with friends, but I was feeling a little fat, mostly because of the dumb *lady problems* I've been having (sorry guys,but it is what it is).  Naturally I decided it was a good idea to wear this cute sweater tunic I have, as a dress, with no pants, and boots.  Luckily I had a cute coat on that came just below my butt because it felt mighty breezy down there at times.  I had on thick tights at least.  By the end of the day I just figured as long as I walked around with completely confidence like, "Yeah, I have no pants on--- so?" no one would bat and eye, and that was pretty much the case.

Hey, Lady Gaga never wears pants and everyone loves her. 

I have been trying to stay aboard the healthy eating/living train this holiday season, despite occasional hormonal attacks where I burst into sobs going, "I feel fat- wah..."-- then ransack the kitchen foraging for chocolate swearing about "How is it possible we have no $@#%* Doves in this house-- WHAT?  You think I'm fat don't you?!  Wah...."

Dan has learned to weather these outbursts with silence and very little eye-contact and no sudden movements.

It has mostly been going really well though-- seriously.  I got this people.  I think of it this way--- I may not be turning into an instant twig, but everything I do to support my health now is another building block in that foundation.  I'll be that much more ahead in a month or three than I would be if I gave in (completely) and surrendered to my cravings and impulses.

Here is one major secret weapon--- spinach/egg/quinoa *muffins*.

They is good.  They is kind.  They is important.  I like them best smooshed inside a toasted whole grain english muffin.

Here's the recipe:  (Merry Christmas)
1- 12oz pkg frozen chopped spinach (cooked)
3/4-C quinoa cooked in 1 can chicken stock (boil for 10 min)
2- C reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese (shredded)
(I actually used a cup and a half and it came out great.  The less cheese you use, the less sinful these are.  Your choice.)
5 eggs
1 bunch chopped green onions
salt/pepper/garlic salt to taste
Fill 12 spot muffin tin (use cooking spray!) and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

In other Sue-news:
It's that time of year when the cats get extra cuddly.  Ray is always my special buddy, but Mike, the Clint Eastwood of our clan (old, but still a major bad-ass) (AKA- "God's favorite cat" for surviving numerous brushes with death) wants in on the petting etc too.  They have it pretty rough as you can see.

I'm having Christmas brunch at my place this year so have decorated a bit this week.  I over-think the holidays sometimes and get all conflicted about various aspects.  There are things about this time of year that get under my skin.  I used to go really over the top decorating, but it began to feel sort of showy, like I was doing it for the attention or applause or something, and that's not what it should be about.  This year I made it a priority to make all the preparations be about giving to others, making it nice for them.

 That doesn't mean I don't enjoy it too.  It just means being honest with myself about my motives for things, and reminding myself this doesn't have to be about me and all the things that bug me about the holidays.  There are things that are cool about it I can focus on too.  Decorating can just give the room a different feel, like, there is something out of the ordinary going on, something special.

I love these quartz crystals.  This is how they naturally form-- pretty cool huh?  I have spent a lot of time in my life marveling over stuff like this.  For as long as I can remember I've examined things like leaves, fungus, minerals, snowflakes and been amazed at their intricacy and uniqueness, or even their symmetry-- the patterns.  I'm not religious in the traditional sense, but things I observe in nature have always made me certain there is something other people call God at work, and that like me, he/she/it is very into creating things.  I love feeling part of that, of this world/universe.  A moving, interactive, participating, part; that matters. 

My family and many people I know have religious beliefs about Christmas.  I used to resent getting this shoved down my throat at this time of year, but now I don't.  It is what it is.  It's very special to them and I can honor that, even help them celebrate their beliefs.

 I don't share the exact same dogma as them, but why split hairs-- I do believe we're all spiritual beings who've been given physical bodies to fool around in for a while here on Earth, and that when we're done, we're all going to be fine.  I believe in the love, the big love of creation-- that we're eternal.  I guess one difference between my own beliefs and those commonly held is that I believe we're ALL going to be okay, regardless of what we do, think, say, or even believe.  I don't think anyone will be left out of this deal.  I don't believe it's conditional.  I believe it's a closed system.

That, to me, is the biggest love there could be, the absolute most forgiving, and that aligns more with my understanding of who/whatever *God* is.  I'll celebrate that private belief, and let everyone else interpret the universe as they see fit.

The main thing that is important to me, is spending time with people I care about, and trying to make it a joyful day/time of year for them.

Above is the ornament I have to double check every year to see how long Dan and I have been married.  We were living together for 10 years before we got married, and were really good friends for a couple years before we became a couple.  All these holidays all year 'round, most of which I snub, are undeniably mileposts, where I do pause, and consider how lucky I am, in innumerable ways.


Maery Rose said...

Sounds like a pretty healthy way to view the holidays and taking care of yourself. My biggest challenge is the gift giving thing. I want to give the perfect gift that expresses how much someone means to me. It needs to be special, ya know? And I can never find it in the stores or figure out how to make that right thing, and then I simply run out of time and look like I don't care at all, just the opposite of what I wanted. I need to get on it earlier next year. But then, I say that every year... At least I have goodie bags for all the horses at the barn -- few peppermints and horsey oat muffins and they're happy as can be.

I can't wait to try out your muffins. The horses aren't getting any of those!

pseudosu said...

I think thinking of gifts that way is setting ourselves up to fail. It's one of the things I've struggled most with. For a while I went way over the top on this too-- trying to top myself every year in the spectacular gift dept, but realized I was trying to do the impossible; make the gift reflect the relationships. Also, admittedly, my own ego got wrapped up in being *perfect gift sue*. The gift is supposed to just be a token, a remembrance. The relationships are things you work on and build all year round in your normal day to day interactions. No gift is ever going to encapsulate that, so let yourself off the hook. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

I love love love your description of spirituality. And I'm one of those Jesus people. Hey, I hate having it rammed down my throat too.

You know what else I love? Your house. Beautiful.

I dropped by to invite you to my blog party because you are so much fun. I wish I had more time to read your blog and keep up with the ups and downs of your life.

But anyways, Merry merry merry etc etc etc. xo

pseudosu said...

Awe shucks Heidi. Thanks. Heidi's blog is still one of my fav's guys-- super fun. We should all head over to her party. Click "Hick Chick" in my sidebar. :)

irishk said...

First of all, I would like to report to the blog world that you looked absolutely fine while wearing your tights as pants:-) So there! I really like where you are at with your Christmas expressions. It feels right and peaceful. Last year, it seemed like you were frustrated, but this year, it seems like you have been able to separate the wheat from the shaft and cherish the good parts, which are often lost in all the pretense and show of the season. So Merry Christmas Sue! Talk soon.

Lynn Fisher said...

Those muffins look Awesome and super healthy...I am going to try them soon (love just about anything with Quiona)
Hope your holidays and New Years were great...see you soon!