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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to, erm... well...

Hey people.  Life is getting back to the normal I know anyway, and it feels great.  Yesterday I got back into the woods.  It's been unseasonably warm here, and without much snow at all, but the trail has managed to keep a thin layer packed on on shady slopes.

It felt wonderful to roam the woods again, but man am I out of shape now!  Okay-- scratch that.  I've been talking with some friends lately about the power our words and thinking have; those messages we send to ourselves and the universe.  Change that to-- "I'm getting stronger every day."

I went for a ride too, the first in a loonnnggg time, with Trusty Pam.  This is how bad my eyes have gotten:  I took this pic and said, "Well, I can't even tell if it's blurry or not, so hopefully it's okay."

But then Pam goes, "Let me see it.  Yep.  It's fine."  LOL!  At Target yesterday I was buying some new hair magic potion and wanted to make sure it didn't have sulphates in it, and had to go to the reader glasses section and borrow a pair to read the ingredients.  Time to break down and go to the eye doctor I guess.  Damned aging. 

The ride was fun, but now that Pam is a roadie, or *cyclist* as she insists on calling it (jk), she kicked my butt!  She even bought a trainer now, so she can ride for two hours inside her house, going nowhere very fast.  They are a breed apart.  ;)

Got back in the shop after New Years too.  I love my little shop.

I needed a fun project to get me back in the welding saddle, so began with this trophy for the mountain bike races.  Pretty sweet huh?

What you don't know is the first time I made it, I made the #1 backwards.  Yep.  Still a numbers whiz.  The final came out cool though.  After that I decided I really needed to clean the place up to give myself some elbow room to get any more good work done.  This meant delving into my scrap pile and culling.  It is just me, or does this look like it would make a cool hanging thing?

Ah.  And this-- my ultimate revenge for the backwards #1 (it has now become number's fault this happened) -- would be making something cool out of the guts of this old adding machine.

This is just a pile, but of scrap from the same project.  I love the colors, and it what?  says?  feels?  There is something chaotic I can't name about it that relates to birds, like when they all take off in a flurry of confusion.

And look at these ancient goodies.  Primo, pitted, nice thick rusty pieces.  These can become something cool for sure.

This scrap is left over from that big sun face I made a few years ago.  I still like the outlines of rays.  The pile is abstractly sunny, and has potential.

More thick pitted rusty scrap, and cool colorful swatches.  It was so fun to look through this stuff.  It pulsates with energy of things waiting to become something else, kind of like me!  I've been very excited lately, about creating in general. 

This one has been on the back burner for over a year now.  Any time I have the opportunity to make something out of thin air, it's the most exciting feeling in the world for me.  This has numerous applications.  The other night Dan brought up a business idea.  I am always encouraging him to think this way-- about what he would do if nothing stood in his way.

He came back from one of his river excursions (He likes to stroll around down there and have a beer or two and listen to this one radio show on Sat nights that features a lot of old music- "American Roots".  Great show on NPR.) with an idea of having a nightclub on some kind of boat on a river featuring that kind of music.

(Here's a pile of what's left from the Tina build.)

I could hardly sleep that night.  My brain began churning the moment he brought it up.  There was a race I helped with the next day at the trail too, but the whole time in the background my brain was chewing away on this-- where to begin the research, who to interview, what regulations to look into, places to visit, a flashcard deck of images flipping non-stop the whole time too.  My brain can whir along on a lot of levels simultaneously when I am *on* an idea.  Ideas pour in too fast to fully process, but I try to sort them into piles I can make sense of later.

(Here's what's left of 007's chrome bumper.  I really love how it looks and would love to pick up another actual chrome metal bumper some day.  I'm kind of hoarding this until a worthy idea crops up.)
 In just 24 hours the idea had gone from what Dan mentioned, to more of a food truck idea based out of a refitted airstream trailer.  I'd look into how places like Se Salt are permitted to operate inside a park, then scout locations that were by water, preferably a river, wooded, with high traffic, and lots of bike traffic.  Maybe on a trail system.  The bar idea morphed into a lean one, two, or three item menu, with just beer, water, and soda for beverages.  Svelt, super simple menu.  It would be all about location and atmosphere, and being the only option, or the best option, in that location.  It would be about being in a place people already frequented, and creating an atmosphere that made them want to take a break and hang out a while and spend a little $ on some refreshments/food.

(I found some of the templates from my tee shirt bleaching idea too.  This little tree is one of the best I've ever cut.)

And then Dan pulled the plug-- which was fine by me.  This type of business would be extremely risky, but I wasn't *there* yet, to that part, I was still in germination mode.  He decided that was just a burst of enthusiasm for that kind of music, and that show, and for his personal experiences of hanging out by our cool river.  It was a good experience though, for him to just think that way-- of the possible, and for me, because all that is good for me-- that brain-churning, creative process stuff.  It keeps me creatively limber.

(I still really love this little jackalope, and this bike.  I've been really excited about getting back into the illustration vibe again too-- looking forward to it.  I still have one commission to finish before I can really concentrate on that.)
I'm excited about planning a new art business to add to my activities, alongside my metal art biz.  With the metal (i know, I know, I've said this before, but this time I REALLY will!) I'm going to work more regularly at it, but fewer hours per day to save what's left of my hands.  I'm kind of excited about this as I clean up my shop, because I'm getting all sorts of ideas, and I also really like the idea of having another large project like Tina that is ongoing for a while, in between other smaller works.

It all feels really good right now.  Everything.  How about you guys?


linda thiltgen said...

We are on board with any of Dan's ideas. If you need any info on cruises...or cool places we can help! Also...I think some of your photos would be cool as framed pieces! The shots are lovely and so interesting!! Gotta go...happy for the peak into our creative ventures. Cheers!

pseudosu said...

Thanks Linda. Just to avoid any confision-- Dan's idea has been sequestered to idea land. It's no longer an active idea, and my brain has moved on to other things. :)

pseudosu said...

Yeah, I can spell confusion. Really.

linda thiltgen said...