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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holidaze part deux-- the bonus post

Hey people.  I have this thing about going on trips with my family, or anyone really.  It's definitely me, not them.  I can't stand feeling confined, and get very edgy when cooped-up for long periods of time, and very very edgy when I can't escape and get some alone time or at least MOVE, like, outside.

So when sis suggested a family road trip up north I immediately thought back to the trip I took with them several years ago--- all of us stuffed into dad's suburban, me sharing a bedroom with her and the two kiddos, and how I was about ready to stab myself in the head by the time we got back.  Was she kidding?

No.  No she was not.  But this time it would be different!  The kids are a little older now, and Dan was going too, and we'd definitely take our OWN car, and may not stay the entire time.

Upon hearing this sis said, "Great!  Her and the kids would ride up with us!  Mom said, "If you leave early, can I get a ride home with you?"  So began family road trip ~new years oh-twelve~.

Sis lined-up the most amazing place for us to stay.  It was seriously, mind-blowingly awesome.  (She traded her time share condo on S. Padre for it.)  6 bedrooms, 3 baths, this HUGE living room/dining room combo called "the great hall", two screened in porches, on a 30' cliff overlooking lake superior with stairs going down to the shore, with a huge stone fireplace.  It was built in 1938 by this (apparently) rich woman for her and her fiance, who then jilted her.  She lived there alone for the next 15 years, until she died.  Wow huh?  (Here's Dan checking out the view in the great hall.)

The walls were hand plastered, and painted pale blue, then the high ridges were sanded off.  It was craftsman style, and decorated to that style/period with tons of antiques and collectibles.

There were some contemporary art pieces mixed in too.  There were interesting things to look at in every room.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to add that I was feeling the most miserable that I ever have in front of other humans on this trip. Remember the metal death ball?  The leggo baby?  Worse.  Than. Evaaarrrrr.  I seriously thought it was possible I was actually dying or something.  I'd be like, "Might as well eat this piece of fudge since I'll probably be dead by morning."

I was on so many drugs I lost track and didn't even care if I was O.D.-ing anymore.  There were weird pulsating throbbings in unlikely places, and I got a giant headache and other disgusting symptoms I, (count your lucky stars) will not go into detail about.  Also-- forget sleeping.  There was no sleeping.

So you can imagine what a treat I was to be around.  I'm a bit like a wild animal.  Much to my mom's dismay, I abhor cuddling (unless you are Dan)  (extremely perplexing I know) even when I'm well.  When I feel bad, you risk losing a hand or at least some fingers if you try to nursemaid me in any way.  My deepest desire is to become invisible, or astral project myself to another dimension.

So yeah, good times.  But the place was cool.

I only felt uber uber horrible for the first day and a half or so.  After that I only felt regular horrible, so we went out and about to have some fun in between me making groaning noises.  One time when I was with Dan, Kate, my dad, and Jaden, we turned off this back road we were on onto this sort of *non-road*.  It was some kind of construction or logging road, and it was snowing like crazy.  I thought, "This is how those *what were they thinking?* Dateline survivor stories start out, but it was too fun not to do it.  We were looking for a hiking trail.  Here's where Katie's new smart phone said we were:

 Helpful huh?  We eventually found the superior hiking trail and got on that for a bit.  It was beautiful; frozen and snowy.  I was a little worried Dad would wipe-out on the ice, but everyone did fine.

The next day the entire family hiked the Caribou River trail with us.  It was climbing climbing for the first part.  Pretty, and not super steep, but a lot of climbing for people who aren't used to hiking.

This is the same trail Dan and I hiked in the fall, where we went off trail and had to climb up a giant cliff to get back to the trail when it was that or actually get IN the river.  The trail leads to a super giant staircase going down down down the entire elevation you just climbed, to the base of a huge waterfall, that is now frozen.

So cool!  So worth it!  We knew from being there in the fall the large pool at the base of the falls is only about a foot deep, and has to travel through a very shallow section of river before it becomes bigger again, so we knew it was safe to walk around on.

We even found a hole in the frozen waterfall where you could check out the rushing water underneath.

This is the most gorgeous setting, and both times we've been there we've had the whole enchanted place to ourselves.  I think the hike and stairs scare people off, and the river you see along the way looks pretty mellow, like there won't be anything very impressive to check out.   Very deceptive.

Everyone was sliding around on the ice pretending to ice skate.

Katie used to take figure skating lessons and got pretty good when she was a kid.  She still has a little game.

This shot is a little blurry, and has dorky me in the foreground, but if you look close you can see my sister making a face I only see on her when she get's back up here to the homeland.  Her "MN smile."

We did manage to have some fun sister time despite the holiday hassle, (occasionally) whining kids, & my affliction.

If you like the north shore, I'd say it's still way worth the trip to go up in winter even if you don't ski (IF you like outdoors activities).  Everywhere that is cool in summer is also awesome to check out in winter.  It's just different-- frozen, which can be even cooler because you can sometimes hike ON the rivers if you know where you are and don't fall through and die.    

It's stunning, actually, and there are no bugs and no crowds.

That's about it.  It's now oh-twelve, and I've got nearly a year before I have to think about the holidays again.  Also I'm now fat, like, seriously, muffin top.  Those who know me may be in disbelief, but it is sad but true.  The lesson here?-- I guess when you feel so terrible you eat a bunch of delicious fudge and caramel rolls because you're probably dying anyway, and then you don't-- when you are no longer in misery, you're fat.  Yay.  Oh well.  Back at it with everyone else in the world it seems.


Nezzy said...

Oh girl, it looks like the 'road trip' was well worth it. Too bad you weren't feelin' great to truly enjoy everything but it looks like ya'll had a blast and a half!

I sure enjoyed the pictures of your lovely family.

God bless ya and have a great 2012!!!

Maery Rose said...

I know the fatness... I'm not even trying to care until February. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place. I'm glad you were able to get some joy time despite agony. I would like to go up there this winter, preferably when there's a bit of snow to ski on. But even to get to some quiet, amazing place time would be good.

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