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Monday, February 6, 2012

Is it too early for spring fever?

Hey people.  Don't get me wrong; I am not one of those people who hates winter.  In fact it's been a very mild winter here, the biggest problem being a LACK of snow to do wintry things on, but even that hasn't bothered me.  I think it actually feels so spring-like, it's making me *go there* earlier than usual. 

Last week I saw these shoes, and had a momentary lapse of reason.  Don't they look fun?  Like whatever you do wearing these babies would just automatically be way more fun?  Seeing them led to a web search for other colorful kicks.  Oh the fun I would have in my new super colorful shoes!

Fortunately I came to my senses before spending $110 on shoes I don't need, but the colorful vibe is IN me people!  It's been showing up big time in my art image searches.  Here's a bit about how that goes:  (This is what I do for hours every night pretty much-- process images.  It's an artist thing.)

"Ooo.  I like!"  ~click~  Hmm.  "Why do I like?"  ~Examines~  "The layered colors.  The combinations I'd never have chosen on my own-- oranges, reds, deep pinks, purples-- shocking on the light blue."  ~Likes more!~

Then I see something like this and go, "Okay- cool.  Gold/yellows look cool with those too, and maybe even browns."

Then I see this, and devour it whole.  Look how amazing.  I'm going some day.  Eyeballs drool all over internet.

Then--- look!  Does your brain connect anything here like mine does?  This is hard to explain a bit, but connections like this, between colors and shapes, vague links, it's like fitting a puzzle piece or something.  More exciting though-- it's like plugging in some big machine that's already on and leaps to life instantly.

Then I see this and there's a tie-in.  Do you see it?  The palette has been expanded, and the shapes defined.  It's like a city-scape, or the idea of one.  Maybe even an overhead shot?  But I see a link between these three.  (The image doesn't have to *be* anything.  My brain leaps all over like a box full of puppies anyway.  It's inarticulate.  I'm getting it, but can't explain it.)

Then I see this one and it's the lava lamp effect--- things reform, morph, and I go from image to image to image making links and sorting ideas, and getting excited to begin new projects.  It's a discovery process.

I'm getting very anxious for the coming spring and summer-- which will be amazing!  New projects, tons of activities, I feel like a lot will happen.  It's exciting!

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Lynn Fisher said...

Thanks, I needed that! And the shoes...oh YES!