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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Weekend

Hey people.  Dan went out of town last weekend.  He hardly ever does, maybe two or three times a year, and when he does, it's kind of fun to have the place to myself.  There is just something about knowing you'll be unobserved, your time unaccounted for, that feels really liberating and fun.  It's fun because it's temporary.  I'd miss Dan too much if he was gone for a long time, or often, but a weekend...  I can do that, and enjoy it.  Let the mad-cap mayhem ensue!

Look!  I got new oven mitts!  I was a bit sad to toss the 15+ year old, disgusting, burned "mitts of danger" in the trash, but i really like the new colorful ones-- and they were only a buck!  Clearance!  ~Wild~ baby!

And look-- I found Dan's not very well hidden secret stash of girl scout cookies.   Thin mints.  Meh.  He ordered his favorite kind, but not mine.  Not quite sure how to take that.  I'm torn between disappointed and relieved.  Because when it comes to Samoas, I have no self control.

And, because I usually try to keep a lid on this when he's around because it drives him so nuts--- I crunched ice with impunity. 
Okay, seriously my weekend was nowhere near this boring.  I hung out with tons of my friends; chowing down, hiking, hanging out talking, LOTS of talking.  We discussed relationships, and mortality, and morality and finances and insecurities.  Laughed a bunch too.  I met up with two different pals who are creatives, like me, and we talked about our businesses and all our aspirations and plans.  Many of my friends are looking for adventure right now, and the desire to create a tribe around them of supportive campadres was a common theme too.  My time was jam-packed with pals, and I didn't even get to see all my good friends.  I'm feeling pretty rich in the friend department I have to say.

One night I stayed up until 2 a.m. working on a bracelet, just because I could.  It didn't come out.  I'll have to redo it, but experimenting takes time. 

I even got out on Penny.  This is my winter riding get-up-- snowboard helmet because it has built-in ear warmers, goggles because they are like a warming house for your face, and my ever present (in winter) pac boots.

Tonight I got my first *mountain biking* (in quotey fingers) injury of the year.  The trails are too soft to ride right now, but I really wanted to get out, so I decided to ride the closed dirt roads in the wildlife refuge.  It wasn't really mountain biking because there was no terrain to navigate or obstacles, but it was still kind of tough.  I'm pretty out of shape right now-- which was not my plan going into what I've been fancily referring to as my ~convalescence~.  I wanted to be all lean and mean so I wouldn't get all fat and gross when I'm supposed to be recovering.  So much for that plan.

Next week I'm getting those baseball-sized metal death balls removed, along with a bunch of lady parts in a procedure I'm thinking will be basically like field dressing a deer.  I'm not nervous about it and I don't have any emotions about it.  I'm just looking forward to feeling better and getting past the recovery period.  I'm actually looking forward to concentrating on *new idea* while I'll have to take a break from welding.  The only thing I'm kind of bummed about is that my stomach, which I have to say is pretty smooth and flat, will probably never look the same.  I'm glad I took an underwater picture of it a couple years ago.  I keep telling Dan to check it out-- don't miss how good it is now.  This is pretty good coming from someone who at one time considered their "okay, forearms, I guess" their only non-disgusting physical feature.  (Self-esteem has been a long, uphill climb and is still a struggle.)  Oh well.  It will all be fine.

So anyway---- the refuge road was pretty gravelly.  Surprisingly loose for how wet and cold it was.  My back wheel kept tossing stuff up onto my back and there were a bunch of little pebbles constantly raining down on my helmet.  I was hammering.  In one of my mortality talks with one of my friends I said I didn't want to get to the end of my life and feel like I never even pressed the gas pedal all the way to the floor.  I was trying to explain why I like pushing it, how it makes me love my life more.  So I was going as fast as I could, and was just thinking, "huh, I think I'm almost out of drool" when--- 

Wham!  I went into a shady spot at a curve and that crunchy snow I didn't bother to slow down for was actually solid ice and my front wheel just slid right out from underneath me.  I hadn't anticipated at all, and went down pretty hard.

As I sat there for a minute or two grabbing my knee and saying "ow" a bunch of times, it occurred to me while my riding itinerary was planned to be safe from weirdo's (no weirdo treks way out into the middle of nowhere on the off chance some hapless victim will wander by), I was about 4 miles from my car, in the middle of nowhere, on gated-off, closed for the season roads, had ditched my coat and hung it from a sign to pick up on my way back, and parked at the end of a dead-end country road with nothing on it but the little town hall (used once a month) and a graveyard.  No one would see my car.  Oh and my hubs is out of town, and no one knows where I am or will miss me for at least a day.  And the sun is going down.

So yeah, "Get your ass up and get moving and feel lucky you're just bonged-up a bit and not actually hurt, Sue."  It was a sore and slower ride the rest of the way, and I absolutely knew exactly where I was and would have been able to hike out a couple different ways if I'd had to, but it could have really sucked.

But on the way home, between internally whining about how much my knee, hand, and elbow hurt, I was simultaneously kind of stoked from being all adventurey.  I'm alive!!!  (Mom, if you're reading this, don't lecture me.  I get it.)  :)


irishk said...

Oh man, I leave you alone for just a few days and look what you did!! It drew blood through your layers, so it had to be a pretty hard hit. Oh well, battle scars can be impressive. It sounds like you had a super cool weekend:-)

Lynn Fisher said...

yes, there is no time for even a quick cry in biking...so not fair! Glad you're reasonably ok.