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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The big four-eight

Hey people.  Yep.  It's mah birthday. 

Okay, here's a ~slightly~ more recent one, from when I was about 18.

Add about 30 years and stir, shake, rattle and roll, and here's what ya get.  Kind of the same?  (But trust me people, it's been a trip.)  Some of me feels EXACTLY the same.  But I'd never have dreamed back then of the life I have now.

So here's what 48 looks like. If you are me. 

Annndddd here's what it looks like when you hold the camera slightly above your face.  (Take note, gals who have not learned this trick.)  I know I've said this other birthdays, and I guess it shows how lucky I am, but I feel happier now than I have ever been, and I've learned a few things,

One is, as I suspected, you really don't need algebra.  Sorry math teachers everywhere.  The jig is up.  The thing is, if there ever is an instance where you need higher math, rest assured there will be some nerd nearby who has been waiting for years to come in handy in this very way, who will figure whatever it is out for you.  Or there is always a calculator.  Take that, math.

Seriously though, this chart depicts life 101 in a nutshell.  Really what more do you need to know?

Another thing I've learned is that it is okay for me to be various contradictory ways.  I can be fancy, as you well know. 

But quite often I'm not.  I continue to be the world's girliest tomboy.  Also I try to be positive, but know depression on a first name basis.  I can be pretty articulate for someone who says "fuck" so often.  (Relax, it's not that often.)  I'm a giant dork who people often mistake for being ~cool~.  And so on.

This post was just interrupted so I could go rinse the color off my roots.  Take that, aging, you mutha.  (That one's for you grandma!  Never throw in the towel!)

I heard something recently that made me go, "Yeah-- that is all any of this is really about."

It was video of the tornado that went through Joplin.  It was an F4 that scoured the town from the Earth in a matter of seconds.  In a convenience store, people crowded into a walk-in refrigerator, the only shelter available.  The video went black as the door shut, but the audio kept rolling.

You could hear crashing, a roar, and then a guy's breaking voice crying out, "I love you!  I love you all!" followed by a tiny chorus of other frightened voices echoing, "I love you!  I love you all too!"  Then static.

They somehow survived, even though the store they were in and everything else for miles around was leveled.  The walk-in they took refuge in was blown apart, but everyone inside was unharmed, and able to crawl out from under the debris.  They were certain they were about to die, and their last moment was spent trying to send their sparks of love out into the world, into the universe, into the great unknown.  It made me cry.

So that is what life looks like to me at 48.  If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong.  If you are about connecting to people, and bringing positivity and light into the world, and are trying your best, to be patient, and give others a break, and your own dumb self a break too, you are probably on the right track.


Linda Thiltgen said...

Happy Birthday!! I think you've got it right! And we are all better for having you in our lives. Thanks for telling it like it is, sharing and enlightening. Enjoy your special day....I look forward to celebrating our friendship in person very soon! Cheers

strugglingwriter said...

Happy Birthday. I disagree on the algebra thing though. Just the other day I used it to calculate how many months per year my calendar would have to be for me to claim I was turning 21 (the answer is 20 lol).

Love the photos in this post and all of your descriptions.

That description of the tornado was really touching.


Anonymous said...

I am beyond happy you were born! I love you to the moon and then some more!!!!
Theresa Rose!

lowrah said...

What a wonderful post. A positive attitude is the secret to everlasting youth and beauty, apparently.

pseudosu said...

Linda-- Thanks so much. I can't wait to get together soon!

Paul-- LOL-- I saw that! (and to be honest, the math still eludes me, so will you calculate it and get back to me?) heh heh heh

T my little T-- you are a roman candle of love sparks. I love you too. Tons!

Low-- Awe shucks AGAIN! So nice of you. Thanks!

Maery Rose said...

I think the only things I learned in school that have come in handy are reading and writing. All the good stuff I've learned from friends in the last few years. Happy birthday and thanks for the wisdom gifts.