Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Building the herd

Hey guys.
I've been welding my butt off!  But the deer I'm making for this big commission I'm working on are coming out awesome.  I'm videoing the building process in case anyone is curious about that.  Who knows, some people find it relaxing to stare at an aquarium, perhaps the soothing tones of my welder will give you a much needed respite from the stresses of your day.  Lol.

I'm doing a 3 part series documenting what is involved in just framing in the head of one of these beasts.  If it seems I'm being overly picking during this process, keep in mind I'll be covering them with hundreds of animal cut-outs, and if the framing underneath is off-- it'll be glaringly apparent.

Here is one in the process of being covered.
 I'm kind of obsessive about every project I'm doing being a progression forward in my skill and artistic level.  I like trying to always be taking it up a notch.  So I'll continue being obsessive and picky I guess.  (Friends who have seen the inside of my house or car are always surprised by this quality in my work I think-- I'm not this picky about most other areas of my life!

Anyway, If you like the vids please click the little thumbs-up like button, and comment by all means.  Next week I'll post one more framing vid, then will do a quick recap of the overall build, and show you some of the covering process.  Anything else you guys are curious about?  Ask away in the comments.  :)

You can find the first of the 3 part series HERE (posted on fb last week)

And part 2 (just uploaded!)  HERE.

Oh, hilariously I have become a local celebrity now too.  Actually a very cool young woman in my town was kind enough to pitch a feature about me to the editor of the local paper and they did a story on me, complete with a giant picture of me on the front pages where I look ancient but kind.  (Better than being on the front page for robbing a bank right?)  If curious, you can check that out HERE.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm alive and well and welding away!

Hey people.  I know--- it's been forever!  I've been so super busy working, I've kind of neglected my blog I'm afraid.  But I miss you guys!  So--- I'm taking the blog VIDEO.  Yep.  I've set up a new Youtube channel (why they didn't take my suggestion of renaming it Suetube I'll never understand) where you'll be able to find out the latest about what I'm working on and not only that--- actually SEE me welding and making art.  (And sometimes pretending to be a snotty, stuck-up version of an artiste.)  (This is just a pic of the vid, not the vid itself.)

 To go straight to the vid, click HERE

Sound cool?

Trust me-- eeet izzzzz.  So you should totally go there and subscribe to that as well as my blog here.

(Don't worry, you won't get double emails unless you go into your youtube account settings under "manage my subscriptions" and actually click a box that says "send me emails whenever Sue uploads a new vid".)

You should also click the little thumbs-up "like" button if you like any of the vids, and you can comment on them there too-- which is really the whole point of all this-- to begin our conversations again.

"Why do all this on the Youtube channel page when I can just comment right here?" you ask.

Well, I'd love for you to comment anywhere you damned-well please (so you just keep on bein' YOU).   And yeah, I will always post here too, whenever I do upload a new vid, and sometimes there'll be additional bonus info here you won't see anywhere else...

BUT-- if you comment, like, subscribe etc ON the actual channel (basically any way you show the Youtube channel love in any way) it "ranks" my videos better, meaning they are easier for people to find; they'll show up in Youtube searches and on Google etc.  Not a huge deal, but helpful.  PLUS-- I'll reward you for subscribing there by entering you in some drawings I'll be having for free art.   

(This is kind of a sercret, just for you guys, BUT-- if you are a subscriber to this blog as well and the Youtube channel, you get DOUBLE entered.  If, in addition to that, you "share" my videos or channel on Facebook--- TRIPLE entered.  Yep.  BIG chance of winning some swag there.)

(Okay-- I told you guys this was all new to me, and I'm already seeing one small glitch-- if your Youtube identity is private, it doesn't tell me who you are, just that *someone* has subscribed, likewise-- there doesn't seem to be ANYWHERE i can see who has actually subscribed to the blog either.  Soooooo-- please comment below if you have subscribed and tell me how-- both, just the blog, just youtube-- so i can enter you in the drawings the appropriate number of times.  :D  )

Soooo....  I hope you enjoy my first few posts.  Please let me know what you think.  This is all new to me.  Happy to be back.  I hope a few of you guys are still listening!


(The auto-play channel trailer only plays if you are not yet subscribed to the channel.  Once you do, it'll just list all the vids in order, and you just click what you want to see.)  :)