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Monday, July 1, 2013

Off the wall

Hey Everyone,
I have been busy for quite some time now building deer, and am not even half done, but I did take some time out to build this giant robot chicken to drive around town.

 Okay, that did not actually happen, but how cool is this thing???  Crazy!

In Suelandia really all that's been going on is a bunch of deer welding, some heron welding, and occasional visits from the grey fox family that has taken up residence in our woods (4 kits, mom and dad have all visited our back yard.)  Here is a pic of mama fox...

I've been able to get out riding a bit too (mountain biking) (a couple of you have expressed interest in seeing video of this too believe it or not) (we'll see), but really, mostly welding welding welding!

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me questions and ideas for the videos.  You guys have some great questions and I will definitely do some Suelandia episodes addressing those in the near future-- keep 'em coming!

I worked on some wall pieces for a gallery (Seasons on S. Croix) a little while ago, so have been editing some video of that.  Here are the first couple of those:

CLICK HERE for the first one.

And CLICK HERE for the second.  (Hint: They are both about making that piece on the wall behind me here.)

I know what you're thinking--- "What???  You have recently posted not one but TWO videos, and I was somehow unaware of this--- HOW CAN THIS BE???!"

Well my friend, sometimes it takes me a few days to get around to posting on the blog here.  I will always post stuff here too, but-- if you want super up to date Sulandia video updates you need to get on over to my channel (HERE is a link) and subscribe, but not only that-- you need to go over to the left side and find "Manage my subscriptions" (in "Subscriptions") and click the box next to my channel that says "email me about new uploads."

Or, you can just wait.  But think it over.  Your day could unexpectedly be 30 to 70% more awesome.  Just saying.  :)

I'll keep you all posted on the Handke School project as it rolls along.  It is very exciting to see how the deer and heron are coming out (awesome)-- video and pics coming soon.  I'm also working on some other very exciting leads right now too, combining my love of mountain biking and the woods with my art, and hopefully will be able to let you in on those soon too.  Stay tuned!

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