Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sue tells all episode 1

Hey guys,
I began doing the Suelandia videos because so many people have come up to me over the years and said, “I’d love to come to your shop and watch you work!” with this keen expression on their face like somehow they’d be able to actually *see* creativity taking place.   

So---- when I started filming I would just set up the lights and camera in my shop and work for a while, then try to edit together enough informative/interesting stuff to make a video.  But the videos were all a little long, and really, I think the actual act of making metal artwork is not as thrilling to watch as most people thought it would be.  Once you’ve seen about 2 minutes of welding, well, you’re over it thrill-wise.

So I’m going to be changing it up a bit—exploring some of the topics people have written me about, answer some questions you guys have posted etc. 

So here’s my first crack at a Q & A video:  Tell me what you guys think!!!  Comment please!
(Sorry- embed not working today.)  (Click link, not pic.)


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