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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sue Tells All Episode 2: Confidence!

Hey Everyone,
Astonishingly, people have been asking me, (points at self), ME, about how to be more confident.  Me, who was always the new kid at school.  Me, who often is afflicted with brown cotton candy hair.  Me, who has had two public snot bubble incidents (so far).

This question really got me thinking.  Confidence isn't really something you can fake 'til you make.  It is something that comes from inside you, but is perceptible to others.  And it doesn't really have anything to do with thinking you are hot stuff.  (Cockiness is another thing entirely- note the root word.)

Confidence is basically a belief that whatever happens-- you'll be okay.  And anyone can get there.

Here's my take on it and how you can attain it for yourself:

Side note; someone asked me again why they don't get notified of new videos even though they subscribed to my you tube channel.

Pay attention or you'll get ATTENTION HEADACHE people:
                                                     Go to youtube.  
                                                     Click "My subscriptions" on the left.  
                                                     Click "Manage my subscriptions" at the top.  
                                                     Click box that says "Email me about new uploads."

                                                                 YOU WILL OBEY....

There.  You're all set.  And also, hypnotized.  :)

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