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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wall-y world

Hey everyone,
It has been freaking HOT here.  It is finally summer and it is half gone, and yes-- I'm whining about the heat.  But seriously-- I feel like I'm training for some kind of survival thing sometimes when I'm out there sweating and working my butt off.  It's been pretty physical lately.  The *fun* creative part of the deer construction is over (the framing-- the creation), and I'm into the ~just keep slogging away~ phase of endlessly hammering the covering into shape and welding it on.  The next vid will show some of how I do that.

For today though, I have another video about making wall art.  I just got another gallery check, so a couple of these are already sold, not sure which, but, lucky for me, the go fast.  You can see the latest vid HERE.

I really love working with the steel in this way-- using color and keeping it kind of 2D.  Right now I have a lot of ideas for new pieces, and am going to have to force myself to take some time and begin a few so I have some in the hopper being processed.  That is a weird thing about doing art for a living; you never know when or how much you'll be paid.  Only one thing is certain; if you don't have work out there for sale, you'll for sure make zero, and that can't really happen if you want to keep doing it.

I've been working like a SLAVE on the deer, and when I had to wait for parts at one point I knocked out a heron (also for this commission).

 I haven't worked at this pace for a few years.  I take breaks every couple of hours and ice my hands.  Everything is coming out primo though, and that keeps me going.  But I need to begin some new gallery pieces or I'll finish this and have no other work out there in the pipeline.  Continual balancing act.

I got hired for another commission last week I'm pretty stoked about; making the sign for a new bike park being built in the Twin Cities (Cottage Grove Bike Park).  This isn't a trail like mine, but a park with a lot of bmx style jumps and features.  Should be a fun job, and the riding community is one I'm very interested in doing business with.

This is starting to feel like the summer that wasn't.  I have to remind myself I've had a bit of fun:  (This is my other bike, "Hula".  Be jealous, America.)
I need to get back there soon.  And other locales.  On my bike.  

Meanwhile I am managing to get mountain bike rides in here and there on Penny, and my skills are improving a little this year.  Someday maybe I'll do a vid on that and how it relates to what I do art-wise.  The mind-set of risking failure and tenacity is def the same.

Feel free to share the videos/blog with anyone you think may be into them.  thanks for all your support out there.  Helps keep me going!  :) 

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