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Thursday, August 22, 2013

For those of you wondering what my deal is...

Hi Everyone.
Some of you are familiar with my sculpture of "Tina", and my mountain biking exploits and involvement with my local trail.  People who are aware of all the time I spend over there toting heavy things around, chainsawing dead trees up, alternately sweating and freezing my ass off all year round insisting it is FUN, wonder--- what exactly is my deal with that place?  Why am I so dedicated (obsessed)?  

This video is a little different because I explain why the trail is so meaningful to me, the impact discovering it and mountain biking has had on my life, and reveal some of the thought process behind Tina.

Did you know at one time I was so disabled from a back injury I could barely walk? Recovering and becoming active again was a long process.  Almost everything I do now I was told was impossible for me.  (So don't listen if someone tells you this!)  
Finding the trail was one of the things that kind of brought me back to life-- back to who I was *before*.  

That's not really right either though.  Because I am a new person now; an evolutionary revolutionary me.  Sue-point-oh.  :)

I hope you enjoy the video.

In other Suenews:

The Handke commission is coming along.  The heat index was over 100 the day I hauled all these heavy herons up onto the scaffolding and muscled them onto the arch to figure out the mounting hardware.  A couple of people even witnessed my feats of strength and were duly impressed.  ~Hands on hips~

One night while working I discovered the deer look amazing when back lit.  I showed the pic to the client and they're working on a plan to light them from the inside with LEDs once they're installed.

And-- my cat brought this home the other day (with only minor nicks if you can believe it).  Work came to a screeching halt, and lucky for me I have a husband who doesn't even bat an eye when I meet him at the top to the driveway with a baby squirrel in my hand and tell him we have to go on an over 2 hour road trip *right now* to bring it to a wildlife rehab center.  (Only to return home and resume working into the night.)

Little "Lucky" is now being professionally tended until he's old enough to be released into the wild. 
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