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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We got yer deer right here

Hey everyone.  I finished the last of the 5 Handke deer!  Right now there is this completely finished one outside my shop--

3 at the powdercoater, and this last one still galloping through my shop.

This week I've prepared deer vids galore-- pick what you're interested in or watch them all.  First up a little teaser (a viewer suggestion):
Here is one showing the process of covering the deer, explaining how I was able to shape them:
And lastly, if you are just interested in a short 3 minute vid explaining the design process/how i came up with the idea, here is that one:
I'm working like mad trying to finish the last heron, and the archway, and get all the mounting hardware prepared in time for the installation at the end of the month.  

Let me know what you guys think.  I am still trying to get a feel for if these videos are interesting to you guys or what, so please comment.  :) 

Late breaking news-- setback-- UGH!  The powdercoater, after having this job on their books for over a year, and then sitting on my 3 deer for weeks, informed me yesterday, 3 weeks before my deadline, that they didn't think they could coat the inside properly.  WHAAAAAATTTT????

Live and learn-- Lesson 1; Do not assume people will follow through.  Bug them.  Incessantly.  Lesson 2;  Never use this powdercoater again.  Ever.

I had to go get the deer back and am supposed to cut removable access panels in them all today, but am frantically trying to shop dip-coaters now too, a process i wasn't aware existed until last night, and from what I glean online, will probably be cost prohibitive, but otherwise ideal.  

Complications.  It is the suck.   


Sara Haglund said...

Really enjoy seeing it all come together :) I have never welded a thing in my life but find this all very intriguing...Your art is fantastic! My favorite piece has to be Tina, really enjoyed the story behind her. First seen in a pic my husband took while mountain biking, and I have been hooked on your art ever since. Very inspirational to me and have even been considering giving welding a try! Which brings me to a question, How did you get into welding? We enjoy your sense of humor in the videos, so keep em coming!(especially the out-takes)

pseudosu said...

Thanks so much Sara! I'm working on a short (hopefully) Tina vid now actually. This vid is longer, but is explains the whole deal of how i got started doing both welding and art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SOOJr8AHoA

Thanks for watching and commenting! Nice to know someone has been enjoying. :)

pseudosu said...

Links don't work in comments i guess, so you'll have to copy/ paste. Sorry.

Maery Rose said...

I hope this is all resolved now. Fingers-crossed...