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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back in the saddle!

Hey Everyone,  
I spent all last spring and summer finishing up that big commission-- you remember it right?  The big deer/heron/archstravaganza?

 It was a success I guess; the art turned out awesome, the client was happy, and I feel like my work went to another level-- a result I always am chasing with every new project.  But I learned a LOT:

Don't believe any timelines you're given until someone actually cuts you a check.  Some people will lie right to your face about being able to fulfill whatever you are subcontracting them for, just to get the job, while others will continually go over and above what was agreed upon, because that is just how they roll.  Oh-- and a really big one-- giant welds make steel warp/shrink/expand, basically go all wonky, so either plan for that or plan to AVOID designing components that rely on precision in the field.

When the job wrapped, completed in only 5 months as opposed to the full year initially discussed, my body was pretty much shot.  I couldn't even lift my laptop without yelping and my hand going limp.  But now I'm back in the shop making tons of new pieces for a show coming up in June (which believe it or not is not much time considering how much I have to create).

This will be my best show EVER.

I'm going to begin making videos again-- who knows of what-- people all seem to want to see different things-- I may wind-up just amusing myself with these-- but I made a new channel trailer to kick off 2014.

Check it out:

Here is one of the illustrations I'm working on to try screen printing.  I have so many ideas!  

Here is a fire barrel I recently made from an old water heater-- possibly something that will show up at my next show?? 

This is a crown I made for an all female bike competition in Minneapolis last summer.  I'm still extremely into biking.  Dan and I ordered fat bikes (special bikes for riding on snow) that should arrive in spring.  Prepare to be conqured, next winter.

Right now I'm in this mode again-- which is a very good mode to be in, if you're an artist.