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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

T minus 4 months!!

Ohhhh Myyyyyy Ggggggosh you guys!!
I have exactly 4 months until the first one person show I've done in several years opens in June!  (And I feel SO fat right now.)  AND- I turn 50 in June too!!  

How, oh how, will I create piles and gobs of the most awesome artwork yet, lose 10 lbs, and become the kick ass woman I've always wanted to be by June??!

Here's me starting out:

I have always had this idea that I will get better and better somehow.  I keep working on myself, my life, my art, and have crafted this image in my head I have almost no hope of ever living up to.   Basically, when I grow up i want to be her--

And for this to be my biography--

Who am I kidding??  ~Sigh~

Believe me, the irony of trying to perfect the woman's face I'm creating when more and more my own reflection startles me,  isn't lost on me.
For the year ahead-- this will have to be my motto--
 And, as usual, this--

 This feels really personal.  I've written and deleted this part a whole bunch of times now.  Basically, I'm getting ready to take on some really ambitious challenges this year that I know will make me feel very inadequate at times.  I'm also facing some personal stuff that pretty much is scary and sucks, and will force me to be stronger than I've ever had to be.  I know at times I'll feel very alone, but also that I'm really not because everyone on Earth feels like that sometimes, so... we're all alone together sometimes I guess.

Keep getting better everyone.  We can do it!

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Maery Rose said...

Yes, we do all feel that way. There do seem to be times when we feel like no one can really get what we're going through right now so we sensor when in reality that just leads to more feelings of being alone for both the person who is not talking and the person not given a chance to listen. Or maybe I'm just talking here about myself.

Anyway, you have peoples and lots of cheering behind the scenes and lots who believe in you. And I can't wait to see what this year will bring for you.