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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Being objective- or subjective, or...

Hi Everyone.  In this week's video I talk about listening to an interview that sparked my thoughts about the objective v.s. the subjective perspective in artwork.  Here is that radio program, in case you'd like to check it out.  The music is really good too.

In the interview the work of the late Belgian pop artist Evalyne Axell is discussed.  Here is a pic of the album cover they're talking about.

I looked it up after I shot my video, and I have to admit, now that I see it I'm kind of like, "Hmm, maybe I don't get what the hell they're talking about with this objective/subjective stuff..."  Although, I suppose the woman is licking the cone, not being licked BY the cone.  So I guess in this example the cone is being objectified.  Lol.  

Did this objective/subjective thing make sense to you guys?

As for the deal about "getting back to being the real me"-- whatever the heck that means, here is a scatter-shot attempt to explain it:

I've been feeling restless, like a pattern needs to be broken somehow.  I'm not sure if this is just because of being tired of winter or what.  It's just a feeling I have at times and am very driven to act upon.

~The real me~ is basically a giant mass of contradictions that cannot simultaneously exist, but all insist on being represented somehow.  Yikes.  I know.  An example I suppose is how it feels very authentic to me to crave adventure, yet be very afraid of physical harm.  Feeling very confident and like people who don't like it can kiss my ass, and yet be very resistant to hurting anyone's feelings, and being very easily hurt myself at times too.  It's a jumble.

Here's the video:
Are you guys like this?  One place it seems I can always go and feel rooted-- feel a pool of calm opening inside me, is the woods.  I also feel this on rivers, and usually on my bike.  How about you guys?  Any sweet spots?