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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Release" update

Hi Everyone.
I have been welding my behind off since my last post and I think (hope) you'll be really impressed with how much progress I've made on the sculpture.  I finished the hair today which really made her look like an actual person for the first time, since until now the back of her head was only roughed in, and really looked pretty gruesome-- not even really shaped properly because I knew it would be covered by hair eventually.  

Here are some shots of that process:

There were a lot of times I wished I'd made her head really perfect because then she would have been equally as beautiful bald or with hair.  This phase renewed my liking of undercuts.  I'd be too chicken, but what a cool look on the right person.

Some tendrils to disguise base of head badness.

 Here the shape of the head is bulked-out by the hair.


This shot shows her ~out of control boobs~ I discuss in the video. 

On the left is the original palette I chose for her dress, but I really fell in love with how the white mixed with the dove grey/blue.  The very bottom will transition to rust speckled with pale blue, and  morph into a train of dried oak leaves.  In my mind it is stunning-- we'll see.

Here is the video in which I discuss the process so far:

The only thing that has been going on in my world lately is this project--- except--- I did get a new bike!  This is huge for me.  I know people who have tons of bikes, but I have been basically planning and trying to figure out how to afford another one for 2 years.  Thanks to a tip from MTB pals, and a special internet deal, my new *fat bike* (made to ride in snow) arrived last week!

Isn't she gorgeous?!?  Believe it or not-- All my gear is black and red, with white-- all my clothing, etc, and when I ordered the bike it just came in black.  The red & white accents were a total surprise!  Even the rim tape (those circles inside the wheels) is dark red! 

One of my trail pals is very expert in all things mtb (and a bunch of other stuff too), and is a good friend, and offered to help me get Stacy, and Dan's identical bike all set up properly (assembled & dialed in).   He even made me decals of her name so she's personalized just for me!

 Here's some video of her maiden voyage through the snow.  I'm pretty sure this is what cursed us and started the latest snow storm to head our direction.  Sorry, everyone in MN!
And here's going back through.  Hilariously, I thought the little part where I almost got stuck (below) displayed some kind of mad skills on my part, but it doesn't look like much here.  Lol!
At the risk of pissing everyone off in the entire area; I am secretly kind of stoked for the predicted snowfall tomorrow, because Stacy and I will ride all over its FACE!


strugglingwriter said...

You are a rock star artist. She is beautiful! Your hard work is apparent and really paying off. I always love to see photos you post on FB. Well done!


pseudosu said...

Thanks Paul! Facebook is a fun way for me to share things in between posts. Helps break the isolation of working by myself all day. Always nice to bump into you at the ~water cooler~ (FB). ;)