Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sue who?

Hi Everyone,
Struggled with a bit of a quandary this week regarding my blog, my personality, and my "public image".   Someone who shall remain nameless, except to say that their name rhymes with "dad", like, sounds EXACTLY like that, gave me some very difficult to hear feedback that amounted to "You may not be everyone's cup of tea.  Ever consider, oh, completely hiding your personality or possibly being all fake?"

Okay, that wasn't what he said, but in my hurty-feelings/ pouty state, that was what I heard.  Until a couple days later when I was no longer mad, and able to seriously consider his point.  I asked my close friends what they thought, then branched out to creative professionals who, like me, are basically their own brand, and, like me, lean towards the sarcastic side.  

Most toed the "If people have a problem with me they can kiss my __" party line, 
but one made an excellent point.  She asked if I'd ever had the experience of really liking a certain actor, then being turned off by seeing them interviewed.  YES.  Big time.  Several times, and it kind of wrecked my enjoyment of their work.  

Okay.  Point taken.  As the saying goes, "You can be the most luscious peach in the world; there will always be someone who doesn't like peaches."

Maybe by offering people only one way to experience my art online, I was being a bit selfish by insisting they be funneled through the platinum level "Sue membership", the one that includes all the *bonus materials.*  

But--- big but--- I am not willing to create some fake persona to suit people I don't even know, and who may not want to know me.

The best solution I could come up with was to create another site that has NO personality at all.  Just artwork.  Pictures of art only.  And gallery links, show dates, and a way to contact me.  But that's it.  So now if anyone wants to share my work with people they can, without fear of offending or weirding out anyone.

Here it is.

It got me thinking quite a bit about what exactly I'm trying to do with this blog, Suelandia.  I guess in a way I'm trying to create a community around myself.  I'm assuming if you're here, you are at least somewhat a supporter of mine, and to someone who often goes days without seeing another human, that's big.

Seriously, when you comment or *like* or whatever, it feels like you are laughing at my dumb jokes and high-fiving me.  I like feeling connected to people.  Sure it's online and mostly silent, but I still appreciate it very much.

This is why I like showing you guys, the people who have *bought in* so to speak, my process, my behind the scenes pics, and don't even mind sharing my private thoughts about not just the art stuff, but life stuff too.  Sure every once in a while there may be some colorful language.  But hey--

And I do keep it to a minimum.  I can be bold, brash, blunt, sarcastic and supremely confident sometimes, and insecure, sad, vulnerable, or angry other times, and I always like to try to be funny.  I just don't think there is any problem with people knowing this about me.  I am a human being, who makes art for a living. 

I guess the bottom line is, if you're still here, and keep coming back, thank you, seriously, from the bottom of my heart.  

Be my guest to follow the other site too, and feel free to share it with whomever you'd like.  It won't be updated as often, and will only show pics of completed work, without commentary. 

I finished a couple pieces over the weekend, and have about 4 more wall pieces in process.  More pics and maybe a vid next week.     


Brooke said...

Hi Sue! I'm new to your page/blog. I'm friends with Theresa Rose - which is where I was introduced to you and your work and I have to say you are AMAZING! I have fallen in love with your art! I love the honesty of your blog and, from what I can tell, the honesty of your personality. I look forward to seeing what you create and following your blog. Keep bein' you cause anything other than that just plain ole sucks!

pseudosu said...

Oh Brooke-- thanks so much. It's really nice to hear after having to admit that everyone's favorite flavor ='s notsue. Much like all the precious little snowflakes of the world, I have been laboring under this misconception for far too long. Actually, It kind of takes some pressure off. You're right-- everyone should just be themselves! :)

Maery Rose said...

Great post! I don't have the concern that what I put online might result in the loss of a sale (at least not yet). But have found it hard to not flinch when I’ve discovered that not everyone "gets" me and wants to come back for more.

It's understandable with some people, as I don't like them either, but there are the ones I want to be friends with but can't make it happen. I guess I just want to reach out to people and have my voice make some sort of difference. But that voice is often like a tree falling in the forest. Not sure any one is actually listening on the other side. I get to wondering why I keep talking but the desire to connect is one persistent bitch.

I'm glad you are the one of a kind unicorn that you are and will keep this space going for those who enjoy visiting Suelandia.

pseudosu said...

Maery-- Thanks for your support, and friendship. I vacillate between wanting that connection to others, and feeling like a goob for desiring it. I think for introverts, the internet is sort of the sweet spot where we can let out hair down and not feel overwhelmed by social anxiety. It can feel like you're just talking into a void, so it is def nice to get feedback now and then. Thanks!

Sherry Nelsen said...

I Love you just the way you are Sue! Don't change a thing. I like Real and that is what you are… unique, authentic, funny, wise and little bit wild! It's a beautiful thing. <3

pseudosu said...

Awe sherry-- Thanks! Happy to have you in my little cyber clubhouse. :)

Brandon said...

I found your blog by searching how to weld on Youtube for a small project that I am doing. I was drawn to you at first because you stood out immediately as a woman. So many of the videos are men and it was refreshing to see a woman doing this with a different attitude towards it. I am Sueddicted! From Youtube i found your blog and read all of your posts & thoughts and wanted more more more! In all of your art it is apparent that you put tremendous emotion into it. Please DO NOT CHANGE A THING! Please, pretty please. Please. Please.
P.S. Remember that unicorns without horns are just plain old horses!

pseudosu said...

Brandon thanks so much! That is super cool you found me through youtube and I really appreciate the nice feedback. I am probably incapable of changing at this point so fear not, Suelandia and the vids will remain 100% truesue content. ;)

~deedee* said...

I, too, agree you should not change a thing! You are beautiful and only you can be you, noone else can do that so continueing creating and being just who you are, wonderful!

pseudosu said...

Deedee-- thanks so much! I hope we meet in person someday. I have learned a lot in the past year, the main thing being-- my art allows me to connect to others. But I need to respect that connection. So going forward I really can't help but be myself, but I will be conscious of people's investment of time etc in me, and do my best to provide content they are interested in. :)