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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All the Whos down in Sueville...

Merry Christmas Christians.  Here's Jesus getting down with his holy self-- enjoy!
Happy Holidays everyone else.  No matter what holiday is being celebrated it always seems to be a time to take stock for me; think about things I am grateful for, and where I am in my journey, how I can do better.

This week I have been thinking a lot about connections.  Over the last year I've come to realize besides my art being an escape pod for my brain, it is also a portal that allows me to connect to people and vice-versa.

 This was unexpected and took me a long time to realize and accept.  It is another gift to me from the universe, because although I crave connection, I am an introverted weirdo at times, who has a hard time with that.  

Kind, wonderful people out there have shown me in tons of ways over the past year, that they value my work, and through it, see something in me too.  There is a couple in WI who have driven many miles to come to art shows and meet me.  There is a local guy and his wife who have gone to quite a bit of trouble as well, to support me in my art, but also shown up to help at my beloved trail-- that's pretty big.  A racer made a point of taking me aside and telling me how much my sculpture Tina meant to him, and that he and his family had their Christmas picture taken with her.  The woman who purchased Release shared a great deal with me about her personal feelings, and stories about her family relating to the piece.  She even sent me a Christmas greeting just to check in.  There are artists out there, who I admire very much, who have connected with me and been willing to network and even just be goofy with me.

Tons of people have reached out to me privately, supported what I'm trying to do creatively, bought stuff from my website, interacted on facebook...  It might not sound like much.  I'm probably not doing a good job of conveying how much this has meant to me.  It has made a huge difference in the way I see how I am and what I do though.

Now in my creative endeavors I am in a hyper productive time right now, and feel more free than ever to let it go whatever direction it takes me.  Lately I am fixated on the idea of giving people an experience with my work-- to strike a nerve-- give people a feeling, of wonder, or enchantment, or even power.

I am super excited about the coming year.  Thanks so much, each and every person who keeps reading my ramblings, has reached out, came out to shows, visited the website, friended me on FB, followed on Twitter or Instagram.  You are changing me and my work for the better.

Thank you all.

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