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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Re mix-- or perhaps perpetual mix...

Hello Everyone.I hope 2015 is being good to you so far.  I'm feeling pretty energized lately.  Zooming ahead into new projects, new ideas.

When I'm in a hyper creative flow, it's as if I'm in one of those glass booths we've seen people step into on game shows where there are thousands of dollar bills swirling around inside.  I'm in the midst of a vortex of ideas that I snatch at, making a quick sketch here, jotting a note there, trying like mad to capture as many as possible before they all fly away.

Since beginning my screen printing shop, I've been getting tons of ideas of cool things I can print; various fabrics etc.  This has led to all kinds of thoughts about how these prints could be used artistically: tees obviously, but also pillows, wall art, lamp shades, fashion pieces other than tees, etc etc.

Beyond that, thinking about all this has rekindled my interest in collage, digital art, photography, drawing, etc etc etc.

Plus, I guess I better learn to sew!

I now have 3 work spaces-- my metal shop, my office (design studio), and the print shop.  Here's my office:

I love the warmth of the wood, and all my funky stuff.  And books books books.  I like this cool hang-outy area.  It is usually set up for photo shoots though, so packed full of reflector lights and backdrops and tripods etc.

I need more room!  I need to have a spot to cut stuff up and set up little models.

Being surrounded by my cool weird treasures is important too.  

I'm on a mission to revamp this space and make room for a couple large work tables.  One thing I didn't mention is that a couple times a year this turns into a spare room, and 3 beds happen.  (!)

So my plan involves building a loft, and a murphy bed, and a collapsible base for a big desktop I have.  (Anyone remember my stained glass phase?)  

All these ideas flying around, plus trying to deal with my space issues (for example, this is my filing system for the whole year, a little spot as you go up my stairs, and my dining room is now my shipping and receiving department) has had me thinking a lot more about my over all goals for my art biz too. 

As you can see by my complicated accounting system, it is, after all, a business too.

When I say thinking about the business end of things, I've come to realize this is probably very different from how non-artists think about their businesses.  My thinking is more like, "How can I arrange it so I can make the next super cool woman I have in my head with a skirt made of branches and falling leaves, and wind-up getting paid?"  Or "How can I get this new color separation software that would allow me to make some more advanced screen prints?"

So I've been digging into that--- How can I let my creativity run wild, advance my work, and somehow manage to make a living?  I've been taking some classes and workshops; following all kinds of ideas. 

  Everything eventually boils down to really sales-y stuff though, like "lead pages" and "landing pages" and "sales funnels".  They talk about "creating online content" in a way that reminds me of hiding the dog's pill in a chunk of meat.  Like, "be tricky-- distract people with this shiny thing while getting them to sign onto a sales list."

Last night after a class about Pinterest I had a revelation:  I do not want to do that.

I don't want to somehow trick people into supporting me.  I want to make really cool things that add something positive to the world.  I want people to be affected by that, to feel excited about the world and to feel I'm contributing to the general coolness of their experience in it.

I need money to live, yes, but I'm not doing what I do for the money.  So I'm only willing to go so far in pursuit of that.  

I'm asking you guys to help me out by following me on my journey as I grow from Sue Seeger- metal artist, to Sue Seeger Studios - metal art, tees, home decor, furniture, fashion, etc.

The only surefire way I have to share my work with people is if they subscribe to this blog.  Facebook isn't 100% reliable anymore, and all social media platforms are going more and more to a pay to play format.  I can do shows and be in galleries, but even that is limited exposure, and is expensive too.  

If you subscribe (click the link on the upper left) I promise not to bombard you with posts about my cats etc.  I'm going to be doing more posts showing a direct correlation between my life and my work-- how recent events/experiences have affected my art.

You'll see new work here first.  You'll see ideas in the process of developing.  You'll see basically what it is like to be a working artist.  And, as you long time readers know, you'll see me being me, because apparently I can't help my silly self.  

So please subscribe and share my posts on social media.  If you do you'll be kind of partnering with me-- supporting me as an artist.  :)  Thanks!! 

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strugglingwriter said...

Your office looks brilliant!

I have subscribed via e-mail. I look forward to seeing all you accomplish this year.