Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Weclome to Sue's Design Studio

Hello Everyone.  How do you like giganto type?  Easier to read, or annoying?

Hey, great news!  Remember that job I was trying to get from the last post?  I got it!  They still need to get their funding lined up (applying for a grant), but if everything goes as planned, looks like I'll be spending my summer making a cool giant fish!

All week I've been working on the design studio.  It's taking a while, but there has been a LOT of stuff to sort through.  I've become pretty ruthless in my sorting.  I even got rid of some Margret Atwood books!  I'd kept them, thinking perhaps after I die whoever gets tasked with sorting through my things would be impressed I liked her, but decided that was dumb (this is only half joking, people) and I'm not going to reread them, so it's best to let them go.

So here's how it's shaping up.  I love it so far!
At one end (to the right of doorway) is a little sitting area for sketching, meetings, etc. 

Here's what it looks like from that end of the room.  The white tall thing on the left is a mattress waiting to become a murphy bed.  Another work table will be set up there this weekend, in front of the book case.

And here's the view from the bookcase.  I really like it.  For the first time it really feels like *my space*, where my work in all it's various forms can be done.  It feels like it has good flow.

 It's not completely done.  I still have a file cabinet to reorganize, another work table to move in, a couple more shelves to put up, a loft to help build, the murphy bed/desk to build, etc etc.  But really when are you ever DONE with a house?  Hopefully in the next month or two, with Dan's instrumental assistance, we'll get it all squared away.

Here are some of the finishing touches I got to do this week along with all the cleaning out and rearranging.  This might seem frivolous, but when you are an artist, your work space's vibe is as important as the practical stuff.

I have a couple bulletin boards where I keep things that inspire me.  This is not great, just a quick sketch I did once, using my left, and then my "wrong" hand.  It reminds me I can always adapt.  Adapt or die, as they say.

I love love LOVE elephants, and used to collect them.  (I have enough now.)  I think they represent "belonging" to me.

Remember my bookkeeping system?  That huge messy pile by my stairs?  It's now a drawer!  (Baby steps, people.)  Hey-- It looks WAY neater.

I still have this little shrine on top of my art supply chest.  Don't weird-out, it's non-religious.  It's where I keep all the cool little do-dahs I find on hikes, and other small treasures.  It represents *wonder*.   The mirror reminds me I'm part of it.  The picture on the front is my sister.  A strong connection.

This is a piece I made.  It symbolizes home, and most importantly, our ability to recreate it whenever and wherever we need to.  It's something that travels with us.

The rectangular piece below the collage reminds me to USE my creativity; that it is a luxury and a gift, and that all over the world are people too busy trying to survive to be able to do art, and women who are oppressed into silence.  The little box is a gift, hand made by a good friend.  It reminds me to do all things concerning my work with CARE.

Last but not least, I got a new planner.  I ordered it back in Nov, but they were back-ordered so it just finally arrived.  It's critical now that I am preparing for 2 shows by June, and have a couple different volunteer gigs going.  I'm using color coded post-its for personal, printing, welding, & volunteer entries.  
 I must admit, I feel a tiny bit over my head.  I could see today, as I attempted to map projects, it will be my customary ~*impossible*~ race to the finish line.  I pretty much need to finalize all print shop projects, especially for the April 11th show, by the end of this month (yipes!).  After that, it'll be weld-o-rama time, and yes, my project list is hilariously ambitious, as always.