Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Who is Sue? And what the heck is Suelandia???

Hi Everyone-- My name is sue Seeger, 
and I make stuff-- Boom!
 I live in a secret woods in the middle of a small town in MN with my husband and our cats.   
~*I'm an artist you guys!*~ 
I used to say "I weld" when saying "artist" out loud was just too terrifying and goofy sounding, but it is now fully, absolutely, what and who I am.

I am primarily a metal artist, but I also do screen printing, digital art, fiber art, fashion and home accessories, furniture-- really nothing is off the table.  

Suelandia has no discernable borders.  It is a bubble of creative space that surrounds me at all times.  It is where I live; a state of being.

This blog is more or less my clubhouse where I get to share inside information and behind the scenes content about my work, and also feel free to horse around a bit and let it all hang out.  The vibe is more playful than on my strictly professional, metal art only site which you can find HERE

This is what my metal studio used to look like before my trusty husband... 

--Turned it into the world's cutest welding shop.

It is my hope you will join me, join the little community I'm trying to create here.  I want to hear from you.  I want feedback on my work.  I want my work to spark people's imaginations and ignite a little fire of "wow" in them, or give them a small pool of calm. 

Please click the subscribe button.  As a working artist it's very important that I share my work and creative process with others.  

Come play in Suelandia.  Click subscribe.  And share with any other playmates you feel may enjoy this.  :)  Welcome!

See tons of videos HERE.

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